Norfolk Island – the rock that never stops.

The emerald green gem that is Norfolk Island emits rays of relaxation from its serene pine forests & spectacular beaches, but beneath this aura of calm beats the heart of an athlete, an action hero, a marathon runner waiting to start. This island has events for all, so what are you waiting for, it’s time…

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A FINANCIAL WHIZ-KID DESCRIBES HOW WE CAN ALL RISE FROM THE FINANCIAL ASHES JOHN McNAMEE EXPLAINS…. It was a blisteringly hot Code Red day in February 2014 and the bushfires continued to rage. Scott Pape was with his fellow volunteers from Victoria’s hard-pressed Country Fire Authority trying vainly to stop the widespread rush of flames…

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At Tuscany Untouched we pride ourselves on creating authentic, unique experiences for visitors to Tuscany. We take you off the beaten track to introduce you to hidden gems and untouched areas of the Tuscan countryside that the majority of tourists never hear about. We share Tuscany’s deepest secrets from the perspective of local tour guides…

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Incredible India

Rajasthan -The name itself meaning “the land of the rajas” has artistic and cultural traditions which reflect the ancient Indian way of life. There is a rich and varied folk culture from villages which is often depicted symbolic of the state. With a glorious history, it is known for its many brave kings, their deeds and their interest in art…

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Caring for ageing pet cat

How to care for your ageing pet cat

My life has been enriched by animals of all types, none more so than my first pet, a cat named Chinny who lived to the grand old age of 22 (that’s over 100 in human years).  Thanks to advances in veterinary science, as well as better nutrition and care at home, this situation isn’t as…

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Celebrity Solstice Shows Off her $11 Million Makeover

I had the pleasure of inspecting Celebrity Solstice a few weeks back as she started her cruise season here. I have had the pleasure of cruising on her twice and was not disappointed. She is already Australia’s highest rated* cruise ship, and last week she arrives in Sydney more stunning than ever following a multimillion-dollar…

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