Australian’s All Around The World

Australians love affair with Asia is never ending. Exotic ports, magic palaces, the scent of spice and holiday resort destinations tempt us all. Asia Discovery tours have every type of tour imaginable, from a 14 day Sri Lanka Panorama to a Russian waterways tour. They are world and Asian specialists who have been in the…

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Pyrmont + Mudgee Region Festival Returns for its Seventh Year

The Pyrmont + Mudgee Region Festival returns again in 2017 with a two-week program to showcase the best of both the Mudgee Region and Pyrmont. Residing in the heart of Pyrmont from 13 – 27 May, visitors have the opportunity to experience both the country charm of the Mudgee Region, coupled with the best of…

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Solomon’s Are Go

You need to go now to the Solomon Islands. It is so close. They stand alone. Get there now before they all find out about it! Go for the adventure, the scuba diving, the food, the ancient culture, the star filled skies at night. Just go now. Book your flight with Solomon Air & you…

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Cake With Music & “The Bodyguard” Musical

MUSICA VIVA CAKE WITH MUSIC Cake followed by a chamber orchestra concert, what an irresistible combination. The first Musica Viva Coffee Concert of the year was held recently at North Sydney’s Independent Theatre, a superb venue for this delightful event. Morning tea began at 10am, followed by an hour of music from 11am, by The…

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Norfolk Island

Autumn on Norfolk is a lovely time to visit. Walks on white sandy beaches are perfect with- out the intense burning sun. Relaxing at one of Norfolk Islands pretty little bays with a picnic basket, under the shade of Norfolk pines on emerald green lawn is heaven. Watch waves break on the outside barrier reef,…

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How to put insomnia to sleep

Sleep well, insomnia

One of life’s more frustrating opportunities is having the time and a place to sleep, but not being able to. Hello insomnia, it's time to put you to bed. Insomnia for a night or two is common and maddening, but manageable. Long term sleep deprivation has very real ill effects on our health. Poor sleep…

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