The Power of Philanthropy

Turning loss into something positive Joy Nash lives near the water in Newcastle area. She has always loved open spaces and having a gorgeous garden, and she lived with her husband, Peter, on a farm for many years. Growing up, Peter had lived on a farm at Canowindra, and then in Young. His parents had…

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A FINANCIAL WHIZ-KID DESCRIBES HOW WE CAN ALL RISE FROM THE FINANCIAL ASHES JOHN McNAMEE EXPLAINS…. It was a blisteringly hot Code Red day in February 2014 and the bushfires continued to rage. Scott Pape was with his fellow volunteers from Victoria’s hard-pressed Country Fire Authority trying vainly to stop the widespread rush of flames…

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Gifting and the Age Pension

Gifting: how it can affect your Age Pension payments

Gifting an early inheritance is a generous gesture and would feel very satisfying to see others enjoy. When we’re finally in a financial position to do so, many of us would love to give a helping hand. Gifting money or assets can feel pleasurable but if you’re destined to live to 100 you'll need to be able…

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Christmas budgeting tips for a happy holiday season

7 Christmas budgeting tips for a happier holiday season

Your Christmas budgeting time starts now. We’ve almost got winter, another election and the census out of the way, clearing the decks for months of sun, fun and relaxation. Hang on. That means Christmas is just around the corner. That translates to the beginning of relentless financial demands, casting a shadow over the holiday season.…

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How to say no to requests for charitable donations.

How to say ‘no’ to requests for charitable donations

There are 54,182 registered charities in Australia right now. That is one charity organisation for every 445 Australians. Those statistics are just within our own shores. That is a lot of potential requests for charitable donations! Communities around the world rely on the great work that charity organisations do funded by charitable donations. At the same time, your…

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Want extra cash in your pocket every week and add value to your property?

Granny Flats by Masterton - the cheapest property investment at the moment Granny flats can make at the moment and offers a much smaller financial commitment compared to investing in another property while providing you with an extra rental income. In fact, granny flats present a golden opportunity right now with RPG Valuers recently disclosing…

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Start your own blog in a few simple steps

Blogging isn’t just for the young – your own blog is a great place to share your passions and connect with others with similar interests, no matter what age you are. Get started on popular platforms like Blogger and WordPress for free, with a few of our practical tips for beginners. Pick your interests Before…

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Should I bet on my super or my mortgage?

The two most common financial goals for most Australians are to own their own home and to build a decent nest egg for retirement. And they're often tackled in this order with the priority being to pay off the mortgage first, then focus on saving for retirement later. But is this the best approach? When…

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