Men’s Health Week

Men across Australia are being urged to keep the balance between a healthy body and a healthy mind in the lead up to this year’s Men’s H...

US hotspots that will have every foodie salivating

Travel isn’t just about what you see, it’s also about what you taste. From the high end, five star restaurants through to tucked...

The Magic Mushroom

A new anti-ageing supplement is derived from a simple mushroom. Lions Mane as the name suggests is a hairy white bearded mushroom from an As...

Non-surgical solution for LBL

As you may be aware, 1 in 3 women suffer from Light Bladder Leakage (LBL), but many are too embarrassed to seek out help.

What to do with your body after you die

Talking about what to do with your body after you die may bring a dinner party to an awkward end.  

Sleep well, insomnia

One of life’s more frustrating opportunities is having the time and a place to sleep, but not being able to.

How to choose a Power of Attorney when it’s not your spouse

Sadly, there may come a time in your life when you are no longer able to make decisions about your life.

A Mineral For All Of Us

Body The human condition can be affected by stress, overwork, worry & bad nerves.

Adventure sports for adventurous over 55s

Being over 55 does not condemn you to a future of lawn bowls, aqua aerobics or croquet.

Fitness for your brain

Mind Exercise can ward off dementia & alzheimer’s according to the latest studies.

How to care for your ageing pet cat

My life has been enriched by animals of all types, none more so than my first pet, a cat named Chinny who lived to the grand old age of 22 (...

Baby Boomers Are The Masters of Reinvention

Lorraine Pirihi knows what it takes to reinvent herself as a baby boomer. At 53, she had to turn her world on its head to find a new way to...

How to grocery shop and keep your health and budget on track.

Looking after yourself and eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. In this article, we’ll explore the best tips for...

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP): easy, versatile and a lot of fun

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is a fabulously portable and versatile sport. It is also a water activity that is deceptively easy to learn.

How a mole screening could add years to your life

With more hours of sunlight starting to stream in to your daily life, it’s time to give some potentially life extending attention to your...

69 year old prepares to tackle treacherous English Channel Swim

Sunshine Coast resident Chris Shapland is preparing to take on a challenge that would daunt many younger and fitter people.

A healthy smoothie a day to keep doctor visits at bay

More than a quarter of your daily food intake should include a variety of fresh vegetables.

How to start friendships in your 50s and 60s

Does it feel as though your social life is off taking more regular holidays now that you’re over 50?

How to support a loved one through bereavement

It is hard to know what to say to a loved one going through bereavement, so many of us say nothing at all.

How to eat well when life is busy

“Having a wide choice of seasonal, portion controlled meals delivered straight to your front door every week is an incredibly convenie...