What to do with your body after you die.

What to do with your body after you die

Talking about what to do with your body after you die may bring a dinner party to an awkward end.  And yet, the intriguing options available make for lively conversation. From providing micronutrients to nurture your memorial tree; to turning your ashes into diamonds, the days of simply choosing cremation or burial and then interment…

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How to put insomnia to sleep

Sleep well, insomnia

One of life’s more frustrating opportunities is having the time and a place to sleep, but not being able to. Hello insomnia, it's time to put you to bed. Insomnia for a night or two is common and maddening, but manageable. Long term sleep deprivation has very real ill effects on our health. Poor sleep…

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A Mineral For All Of Us

Body The human condition can be affected by stress, overwork, worry & bad nerves. Our nervous system needs back up to work efficiently. When it is working properly we have calm feelings & good moods, we are happy & not overthinking. Calmness is a skill to be worked at, though for some it seems to…

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Adventure sports are for over 55s too.

Adventure sports for adventurous over 55s

Being over 55 does not condemn you to a future of lawn bowls, aqua aerobics or croquet. You’re still youthful, healthy and adventurous for a few decades yet, for goodness sake! Intrepid mature folk just like you are increasingly indulging their inner adrenaline junkie by taking up adventure sports, or extreme sports. So, what’s stopping…

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Fitness for your brain

Mind Exercise can ward off dementia & alzheimer’s according to the latest studies. We can grow new brain cells each & every day with practise. The brain is in a constant state of change, recharging itself, finding new neuronic pathways as it faces challenges. The brains plasticity is a key factor in the study of…

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Caring for ageing pet cat

How to care for your ageing pet cat

My life has been enriched by animals of all types, none more so than my first pet, a cat named Chinny who lived to the grand old age of 22 (that’s over 100 in human years).  Thanks to advances in veterinary science, as well as better nutrition and care at home, this situation isn’t as…

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Baby Boomers Are The Masters of Reinvention

Lorraine Pirihi knows what it takes to reinvent herself as a baby boomer. At 53, she had to turn her world on its head to find a new way to earn a living after a midlife burnout. She is now an author, coach and runs a successful networking group in Melbourne’s Bayside. As a specialist…

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