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What to do with your body after you die.

What to do with your body after you die

Talking about what to do with your body after you die may bring a dinner party to an awkward end.  And yet, the intriguing options available make for lively conversation. From providing micronutrients to nurture your memorial tree; to turning your ashes into diamonds, the days of simply choosing cremation or burial and then interment…

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How to put insomnia to sleep

Sleep well, insomnia

One of life’s more frustrating opportunities is having the time and a place to sleep, but not being able to. Hello insomnia, it's time to put you to bed. Insomnia for a night or two is common and maddening, but manageable. Long term sleep deprivation has very real ill effects on our health. Poor sleep…

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A Mineral For All Of Us

Body The human condition can be affected by stress, overwork, worry & bad nerves. Our nervous system needs back up to work efficiently. When it is working properly we have calm feelings & good moods, we are happy & not overthinking. Calmness is a skill to be worked at, though for some it seems to…

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Mole screening is your longevity insurance.

How a mole screening could add years to your life

With more hours of sunlight starting to stream in to your daily life, it’s time to give some potentially life extending attention to your largest organ – your skin. How can mole screening help, and what's involved? Melanoma and the risk factors While we live, work and play in on the world’s largest island of…

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Anti-ageing – it’s never too late

Anti-ageing - it's never too late A new anti-ageing drug named metformin will be tested on humans next year. Once again research on other diseases of decay & debilitation has led to a discovery in a different field. Tests of this drug have already extended the life of animals, so it is expected to work…

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Introducing Beautiful Stretches by June Jones

Regular stretching can provide immense benefits. This is especially true for seniors and the good news is that it’s not hard sweaty work. Stretching should feel pleasurable and when it becomes a daily activity, it becomes a healthy habit. One of the leading members of the Aerobics Oz Style team, June Jones has been in…

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