Sleep well, insomnia

One of life’s more frustrating opportunities is having the time and a place to sleep, but not being able to.

Fitness for your brain

Mind Exercise can ward off dementia & alzheimer’s according to the latest studies.

How to care for your ageing pet cat

My life has been enriched by animals of all types, none more so than my first pet, a cat named Chinny who lived to the grand old age of 22 (...

Baby Boomers Are The Masters of Reinvention

Lorraine Pirihi knows what it takes to reinvent herself as a baby boomer. At 53, she had to turn her world on its head to find a new way to...

How to start friendships in your 50s and 60s

Does it feel as though your social life is off taking more regular holidays now that you’re over 50?

How to support a loved one through bereavement

It is hard to know what to say to a loved one going through bereavement, so many of us say nothing at all.

How to help ageing parents plan ahead

Living longer, healthier lives means today’s seniors face an almost inevitable challenge of caring for ageing parents, while juggling empl...

The Amazing 86 year old Heather Lee

The amazing 86 year old Heather Lee talks to us about the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle.

Introducing Beautiful Stretches by June Jones

Regular stretching can provide immense benefits. This is especially true for seniors and the good news is that it’s not hard sweaty work.

Legionnaires’ disease

Legionnaires’ disease is caused by Legionella bacteria, which are widespread in our environment. They are found in natural water bodies su...

Stay strong for a speedy recovery from surgery

RCA’S Active Health philosophy has been designed to assist residents to remain strong and healthy as they age.

Are you bloated? 

Abdominal bloating occurs when unexpected gases are produced as a result of incomplete digestion or when you are unable to fully digest part...

Resolve pain, stiffness, recovery from injuries/surgery   

  Do you suffer from RSI, carpel tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow or constant stiff/painful back? 

5 Habits for a Healthy Mind

Good health teams a fit and strong body with a keen mind and positive attitude.


Ill health is not inevitable and making the right choices in the early stages of retirement can help ensure we function well into older age,...

Your senior years medical health check diary

Like car maintenance, as you clock up kilometres and years, your need for more regular services ― health checks and prevention screenings...

The world’s oldest supermodel still knows how to work it

Daphne Selfe is 86 and still modelling. Photography: Gary Heery Source: Sunday Style DAPH!

Some Like It Hot: Spicy Food Linked to Longer Life

By Candy Sagon Your tongue is tingling, your face is flushed, your nose is dripping, your eyes are tearing — ah, the joys of eating hot, s...


Anti-ageing is not a state of mind, although a younger frame of mind helps stave off the years.

How Life Works

THE MYTH: success makes you happy. THE FACT: happiness makes you successful.