Australasia/ Pacific

Winter Wonderlands of the Mid North Coast

Winters grey cold sends shivers to all Silvers. The cold brings Nomads to the road.

A Winter Destination – Lord Howe Island

The stunning lagoon of Lord Howe is on every bucket list of ‘Top Lagoons in the World’.

Solomon Islands a Plane Trip to Paradise

Most of the travellers and visitors to the Tropical Solomon Islands need to stop on either side of their excursions to the Island Provinces...

The Island of Special Things to Do

Just offshore, over the sea but not overseas lies a bustling active island. Serene and green, this island hides the action well.

China Travel Services

Established in 1985, China Travel Service Australia is the leading travel company specialising in making arrangements for both group and i...

Murray Off-road Adventures

Tours with Murray Offroad Adventures offer a unique insight and experience into the remote northwest corner of Victoria.

Seven of the oldest Australian pubs still pulling beers today

With British pubs being hubs of social gatherings back home, it was inevitable that the hotel trade in colonial Australia would boom and pub...

Solomon’s Are Go

You need to go now to the Solomon Islands. It is so close. They stand alone.

Norfolk Island

Autumn on Norfolk is a lovely time to visit. Walks on white sandy beaches are perfect with- out the intense burning sun.

Wonders of Lord Howe

Lord Howe island is situated 555km offshore from Australia. It is part of a system or underwater plateau known as The Lord Howe Rise.

Holiday parks not just for kids!

BIG4 Sunshine South West Rocks launches special seniors’ rate & activities program  BIG4 Sunshine South West Rocks has launched a spe...

An Unforgettable Training Experience

“Three days and nights on a train? Are you crazy?” was one response from a friend when we talked about our plans to travel from coast to...

Big4 Sunshine at South West Rocks

BIG4 Sunshine at South West Rocks is the best of both worlds;

LHI – Island Paradise

Lord Howe Island is a hub of activity for visitors and locals a like. The water temperature is just perfect.

Norfolk Island – the rock that never stops.

The emerald green gem that is Norfolk Island emits rays of relaxation from its serene pine forests &

Slice of Life Tours

As I grow older and some say wiser, I find that travelling to far-flung destinations can be arduous.


by Phil Hawkes Forget the blues. The inspirational, world famous Blue Mountains west of Sydney are beckoning and an easy road trip from Sydn...


After a 28 week closure and a reinvestment in excess of AUD13.5 million, Fiji’s VOMO Island has now re-opened.

Spring time on Norfolk Island

Spring is the great rejuvenator, the renewal of life. Spring unleashes beauty. It is nature detox.

Visit the Lockyer Valley

If it’s keeping active you’re after, there’s plenty to see and do in the Lockyer Valley… The Country Challenge on Campus is a family...