Travel Tips

How to deter criminals from tampering with your travel luggage

Imagine picking up your travel luggage from the airport baggage carousel. Before heading to customs, you discover that those carefully secu...

How to prepare to stay fresh on long-haul travel

How to prepare to stay fresh on long-haul travel Travelling on a plane, bus or train for a long-haul of more than 3 hours can get uncomforta...

Be My Guest

Slice of Life Tours “At Slice of Life tours, we make your dream trips come true through our boutique small group tours to unique and fasci...

CUBA Sun, Culture, Revolution

Slice of life group tours to Cuba is an easy way to explore this fascinating island.

What to do if you lose your passport when travelling

If you're planning to go overseas and are still in possession of your passport - keep reading! This information might help you prepare so th...

Top 5 Tips for Travel Insurance

It might not be as fun as researching local attractions, but if you’re heading off for an overseas trip, travel insurance is essential.

Pheonix of the Indian Ocean: Sri Lanka

Australian tour guide and Sri Lanka travel expert Nina Gage shares her top tips for the emerging “must-see” destination.

Around the world ticket? When is the optimum time to visit?

Ready to take off on an around the world adventure? Or maybe you’re just dreaming and scheming your next big trip.

Slice of Life Tours

As I grow older and some say wiser, I find that travelling to far-flung destinations can be arduous.

Travelling overseas on the age pension: what you need to know

You’re revelling in having earned your retirement. You’ve found a great financial adviser that has structured your income and assets so...

How to live like a local: choose unique holiday accommodation

If you’re looking for a more genuine travel experience than fanny packs and tourist traps you’re in the right place.

World-wide accommodation for free… here’s how

Heard about the new travel trend which helps the over 55s stay in luxury accommodation worldwide for free?

Travel Insurance

Protect yourself and your holiday with travel insurance designed for the over 50s There’s nothing more exciting than anticipating the enjo...

Where are some of the pitfalls of traveling when you’re a Senior?

Travel can be very challenging if you’re unfamiliar with the local language, customs and cuisine although for many that’s part of the fu...

10 Best Luxury Travel Destinations to Visit in 2015

We live in an enchanting and enormous world with the coolest places around. Although technology is building the gap and brining us closer to...

Travelling Alone?

Vacation Alone? Yes! People used to raise their eyebrows when I told them I was dashing off to see yet another part of the world on my own,...

Pursue your travel dreams with

Active retirees; one of the fastest growing communities on For retirees living on a fixed income, home swap is a great way...

6 Places to Spend Christmas in Europe

From London’s yuletide carols to Cologne’s Christmas markets, Europe is full of holiday havens. In many locales, there’s...

The best roast dinners in London restaurants

Of all the things I associate with growing up in England, there is one I particularly miss.

Travelling abroad when you are 50 is the new 30!

Making the most of your retirement, travelling abroad when you are over 50. 50 is the new 30!