Travel Stories

An Unforgettable Training Experience

“Three days and nights on a train? Are you crazy?” was one response from a friend when we talked about our plans to travel from coast to...

Pheonix of the Indian Ocean: Sri Lanka

Australian tour guide and Sri Lanka travel expert Nina Gage shares her top tips for the emerging “must-see” destination.

Slice of Life Tours

As I grow older and some say wiser, I find that travelling to far-flung destinations can be arduous.


by Phil Hawkes Forget the blues. The inspirational, world famous Blue Mountains west of Sydney are beckoning and an easy road trip from Sydn...

New Zealand during autumn

Discover the places and experiences that come alive in New Zealand during autumn. Avoid the crowds, but still enjoy the sunshine – autumn...

Not Staying Home

Australians are intrepid travellers. From the back o’bourke to the Bimini Islands you will bump into an Aussie on tour.


JOHN McNAMEE TALKS TO A SYDNEY COUPLE WHO SURVIVED THE NIGHTMARE IN NEPAL AROUND 11am on April 25 this year, retired Sydney insurance execut...

South Coast Greys Gone Wild

When it comes to road trips, the grey nomads know where and when to go.

Airbnb: No-Hotel Travel for All Ages

Take it from me, there is no such thing as an affordable London hotel.  A room for a night, maybe.

6 Local Produce Markets Worth Travelling For

When on vacation, while all the hotel food and restaurant meals are enjoyable, sometimes travellers really just feel like eating some fresh,...

World’s Best Roofbars

When we travel – no matter where we are – we head straight for the highest point in the city.

Flying high: the Qantas battle for pay equity resonates 20 years on

Late last year a group of Qantas female flight attendants celebrated with Justice Michael Kirby and their legal team the 20th anniversary of...

10 Best Luxury Travel Destinations to Visit in 2015

We live in an enchanting and enormous world with the coolest places around. Although technology is building the gap and brining us closer to...

What’s on When on the Road

If you are planning to hit the open road in the New Year and join the ever-increasing army of grey nomads, there are plenty of interesting a...

Magic of the Meekong

For many years, scores of Australians have waxed lyrical about their experience cruising the waterways of Europe.

The best day walk in New Zealand – Tongariro Crossing:

The North Island’s extraordinary landscapes are constantly transforming, writes Andrew Bain. The Tongariro Crossing is regularly calle...

28 Towns in Italy You Won’t Believe Exist

1. Burano   Traumlichtfabrik / Getty Images 2. Lake Como Flickr: davaodude 3. 

10 Things Flight Attendants Wish They Could Say

There’s no doubt that being a flight attendant requires more patience than most jobs. Imagine coping with hundreds of passengers at a...

10 Amazing Staircases Around the World

When rocker Robert Plant wailed about buying a stairway to heaven, what, exactly, did he have in mind?

Free Your Body, Free Your Mind, Refresh Your Spirit!

Baring it all at Le Château Naturiste Why would anyone want to bare their all in the company of others?