Why Australia is the Best Place to Retire

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Retirement means different things to different people. For some, it signals a slowing down of the pace of life, a time to regroup and reflect. For others, retirement marks the start of an adventure just as dynamic, if not more so, than our working lives.

Whether you plan to fill your days with new diversions, volunteer service, serene leisure, or jet setting escapades, Australia is the best place on earth to retire well. With our beautiful weather, friendly people, breathtaking landscapes, and economic prosperity, it’s not hard to work out why we call this sunburnt land the lucky country.

Few places offer retirees such a generous abundance of natural resources, moderate climate, social cohesion, comprehensive healthcare, sophisticated infrastructure, and high living standards. Australia checks all the boxes.

When the curtains close on your full-time working life, will you call Australia home? Here are five reasons why you should.

  1. A Natural Conclusion

Whether you prefer the fresh brisk air of the Apple Isle, the sun and sands of the tropical latitudes, the impressive vistas of the mountains, or the luscious pastures and vineyards of regional Australia, the diverse and unspoiled natural environment of our island continent offers something for everyone. If you want to be closer to nature in retirement, you will be spoiled for choice here.

  1. A Stable Solution

If you want to live the good life in retirement, political turmoil and social inequality won’t get in your way in Australia. The 2015 Global Liveability Ranking showed that four of the world’s top eight most ‘liveable’ cities are in Australia: Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Perth.

Compiled by The Economist Intelligence Unit, the study found that Australian cities are a relative picture of political and socio-economic stability, with low levels of crime and a low threat of terror, military conflict or civil unrest. At the same time, Australia boasts exemplary standards of food, drink, shopping and services, and an abundance of sporting and cultural activities.

  1. A Healthy Decision

In later stages of life we are often exposed to more health complications; so the availability and quality of healthcare services in retirement is paramount. Australian healthcare facilities, both private and public, are among the worlds best.

With Pensioner concessions, retirees can access reduced cost medicines, bulk billing for doctor’s appointments, special hearing services and various refunds for medical expenses. Australia’s top shelf healthcare system paves the way for high life expectancy – so you won’t just enjoy a better retirement here; you may well enjoy a longer retirement.

  1. An Affordable Comfort

When you look at Australia’s high standards of living, you might expect that the living costs tied to that lifestyle would be exorbitant – but they are not. Australian cities generally offer a lot more bang for buck than other major cities around the world. In fact, some of our cushiest capitals – notably, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane – rank amongst the world’s least expensive cities.

And if, like many Australian retirees, you choose to live outside of those urban centres, the cost of living is even lower. Retirees often choose to downsize and cut living costs. By embracing a simpler, freer lifestyle, most retirees can live quite comfortably on a fraction of their pre-retirement incomes.

  1. A Well-Built Model

If you want to see out your retirement with access to quality housing and the latest and greatest modern conveniences, Australia is hard to beat. Here you can enjoy a highly developed and sophisticated infrastructure, with world-class standards of public transport, roads, telecommunications, and water and energy provision.

Comfortable, affordable housing is readily available for retirees. Rents and purchase prices tend to be highest in Sydney and Melbourne, but the further a property is from a large city or town, the cheaper it will be. For expats looking to retire in Australia, purchasing a property can be a useful economic entry point.

About the author:

Geri Taylor BHA MPH MAICD FAIM has been in the seniors housing industry for over a decade in management and policy positions. She has represented the industry at both State and Federal government levels and in private industry. Currently, she is associated with The Village Retirement Group and actively involved in quality initiatives as both an acute hospital accreditation surveyor and a Retirement Village Association surveyor.

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