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Accents no barrier to success with new on-line tool

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Australia’s premier online accent training school – Speak More Clearly –
has announced a break-through tool to help non-native speakers counter miscommunication and prejudice at work – or at play

The newly launched SMC App is a user-friendly, cutting-edge program for computer or smart phone that levels the playing field for the thousands of Australians who experience discrimination in the workplace.

Non-native speakers in professional environments are frequently overlooked and face communication barriers due to biases – or simply ‘language connection’ issues.

Speak More Clearly’s scientifically-proven system has, for more than 19 years, helped people gain confidence and clarity in English, equipping them with the skills and confidence needed to communicate effectively, overcome obstacles in the workplace and advance their careers.

Now, their break-through app takes the system to the next level, helping non-native English speakerseffortlessly master British, American, and Australian accents with a powerful tool in the palm of their hands.

Created by Australian speech and language pathologist, Esther Bruhl (pictured above), Speak More Clearly utilizes the Auditory Immersion Technique to help users acquire the desired accent quickly, by strengthening neurological connections in the brain’s speech and language centers.

“We are on a mission to empower non-native English speakers to reach their full potential,” says Esther Bruhl – a therapist with more than 30 years experience.

“By overcoming limitations posed by their accent at work – or in their private lives – non-native speakers open the door to limitless possibilities.

“We’re thrilled that our SMC App now places the power of learning directly in users’ hands, offering them the same command of English that they do in their native language.”

With lessons from native English speakers and everyday language practice, users achieve clear pronunciation and improved accents naturally and swiftly.

The SMC app provides over 40 video lessons and 60 audio lessons, offering a targeted system for accent improvement.

Users can also assess their fluency skills and track progress through weekly live classes with expert trainers and Q&As with speech pathologist Esther Bruhl.
This ensures effective learning and continuous improvement.

“It’s an accessible, engaging, and flexible approach to accent learning, perfect for busy professionals,” says Bruhl.

“Speak More Clearly believes everyone deserves to communicate with confidence, regardless of their background.
“The SMC app aims to break down barriers and make accent mastery accessible to all.”

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