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Ageing with knowledge

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As we all know getting older is inevitable and with it unfortunately comes some form of decay. The pharmaceutical industry has grown rich on drugs to remedy the conditions in which the ageing finds themselves. Statins alone bring in more money than the GNP of a reasonable sized nation. Yet there remains controversy over whether they do more harm than good in the battle that is cholesterol.

Yes it is true they are proven to lower cholesterol but as the critics point out, at a price that my include weakening of muscles and overall strength, muscle wastage, stroke and heart attack.

Some critics say that the level of optimum cholesterol was artificially lowered some decades ago to help sell more cholesterol lowering drugs. Big pharms push and pull with the medical fraternity is well documented and a friendly yes from the experts can result in billions of dollars in profits for their new drugs.

Cholesterol is a vital compound of every cell membrane, you cannot live without it, you cannot make hormones in your body without it.

Drug companies have released drugs to lower cholesterol that did not work. They found this out after they had made over US$1 billion on these drugs prescribed, so many have a reason to be a little sceptical about Big Pharmas motives.


Natural ways to lower cholesterol are around but are hardly published, I wonder why?

Niacin – a vitamin that costs little is known to have a cholesterol lowering effect – it is not extremely popular, because it causes a flushing on the skin.

Raw nuts – especially almonds, are cholesterol helping food.

Coconut oil, this very trending popular oil right now is said to help good cholesterol and 3 teaspoons a day are beneficial for warding off Alzheimer’s disease.

Avoiding stress – high cortisol levels occur under stress and stress leads to many inner body forms of decay and disease.

Fight inflammation – which is the underlying cause to most degenerative conditions. Try parsley tea, it fights inflammation and edema.

Ginger – the great anti-inflammatory is also said to be anti-cancer.

Turmeric as with ginger, this anti-inflammatory is a natural cancer fighter.

Not smoking – smoking isn’t good for anything

Mustard greens, orange juice, persimmons, salmon, sardines, grapes, apple with fibre, spinach, Japanese eggplant, oat and barley bran, legumes, psyllium, berries, corn, broccoli, green, yellow and red vegetables and hot chillies are all supposed to help keep cholesterol levels healthy.

omega 3 foods

Omega 3 oils from krill or fish. Reduce sugar – from all sources. Eat raw food – food in its natural state is preferable. Exercise daily. Avocado – has cholesterol in it, but the good type. Oilve oil. Garlic – naturally lowers cholesterol

If you are taking statins it’s advisable to take Q10 daily top help prevent some of their side effects such as muscle weakening and memory loss.

Spirit and Mind

Like the body the spirit needs nourishment also. The spirit or life force needs time away from the ever chattering mind to find its balance, the inner peace, its harmony with the self.

To reconnect with the spirit, the soul or whichever name you use, one needs time out from the daily chores and jobs to just be, to just exist.

This entails a sense of letting go or surrendering to that which is greater than us, that surround us, that is inside of us. It could be surrendering to nature, or letting the life force in. Feeling a oneness with all around us or mediating on our place in the vast universe.

We are all made from the same matter that created the universe and if we give ourselves the chance, we can feel that and we can realise or know that.

This type of knowing is not a mind oriented learning type of knowing. It is a direct perception of the source of all being.

Although this may sound like an introduction to a guruship, it is actually an ancient sense that one is part of all and all is part of one.

meditate words

In the modern world we seem to have lost some of these ancient senses that were common in man’s prehistoric makeup, as common as touch, smell and sight are to us all today.

Many ancient cultures talked about the third eye or the all seeing eye. It is ever present on the American dollar bill as an eye on a pyramid, this design morphing from the Masonic traditions of the founding fathers of that society.

We see examples of it symbolised everywhere, but we have forgotten how to use it.

The third eye aligns with the Pituitary and the Pineal Gland. The Pineal Gland located in the middle of the brain just above the Pituitary gland. The Pineal Gland contains pigment similar to that found in the eyes. This is every interesting as the junction of these two eyes is often called the Third Eye in esoteric literature. The Pineal is connected to the optic thalami, controlling the action of light upon the body.

The Pituitary gland is the size of a pea located behind the centre of our forehead, between the eyes. It is the control centre sending messages to all the other glands and promotes their growth and function, it regulates sexual development. It also is our creative gland controlling emotional thinking, like poetry and music in its frontal lube, its anterior lobe controls our intellectual and concrete thinking.

Both work in harmony and are where our intuition is formed. The Pineal Gland checks what the Pituitary Gland is doing such as preventing early sexual awakening and also works as a substation for thoughts, checking them, so we don’t turn all thought into immediate action It is an inward looking gland, thus its use in turning our attention to the inner self, shifting our thought from the outside world to the inner.

The sixth and seventh chakras in yoga align with these glands, as do important points in Tai Chi and QiGong.

One can see form this that there is a correlation between the ancient knowledge and the modern, the arcane and the biological, the physical and the spiritual.

To open the 3rd eye one must meditate on the brow chakra with discipline comes results and a new level of direct perception can be reached.

For a non-gender based forms of masonry go to For an informative book on our Endocrine System and its relationship to our high self-go to

Help for our ailments

As we age, some simple tasks become harder, bending and picking up more difficult. Weight of objects seems to increase. Country Care Group has come up with some ingenious ways to simplify those difficult tasks. The One Touch Jar Can and Bottle Opener can open most cans. It fits over the lid and opens at the touch of a button, a must for those a little weak in the hand and wrist. The One Touch Twizoff Automatic Bottle Opener opens cans & plastic screw tops Perfect for seniors.

They have a  non-weight bearing kettle that pours water safety and precisely ever time. Great innovative products can be found at

If you are having vision problems, Quantum have a VEO magnifier to help you read. This desktop magnifier can assist in your independence and quality of life by taking some of your reading problems away. Quantum offer vision aids assessment and showing you a range of new technology aids that are simple to use. They can come to your home or retirement village to demonstrate their wonderful products. Approved suppliers to the Dept. of Veterans Affairs, go to for an appointment or more information.

Snoring and its more dangerous cousin sleep apnoea are all too common these days. CPAP Direct have their ResMed AirSense Phillips Dream Wear Mask and the Phillips Dream Station CPAP in their store right now, along with many other products to help with this debilitating and annoying condition. They also have the Wenatex Ultimate Adjustable Bed system to help with back pain, diabetics and allergies. Go to for all the information.

skin cancer check

Sun Doctors are skin can cancer experts who can pinpoint any abnormalities with their skin cancer  checks. Most people do not realise that they may have a problem, as most skin cancers can go by undetected by those that have them. A professional assessment is needed to be sure you are not one of them. A report by the Australian Cancer Council found almost 50% of weekend sunburns occur when people are doing chores around the home, such as gardening, sweeping hanging out the washing or washing the car or pets. Many people forget the rules and just get on with the job. For an expert check or more information go to

Unfortunately macular degeneration can occur as we age. Manifesting in glaucoma, a very serious condition. It is important to look after our eyes; Northern Beaches Retina Eye Specialists do No-Gap Cataract, Pterygium and Retinal Surgery. See your general doctor or optometrist for a referral to these specialists in cataract, diabetics, retinopathy retinal detachment and age related eye disease. Go to

Feet play an integral part in our overall health makeup. Doctors can tell a range of conditions by a simple foot examination. Everything from minor nutritional needs to diabetes can be diagnosed from the feet. A sore on the bottom of a foot that won’t heal can be a sign of diabetes, if your foot cramps a lot you could be lacking magnesium, calcium and potassium. Hairless toes could signal a blood circulation problem. The feet contain a quarter of the body’s bones, they are at the end of your body so are very important for many functions as nerves, muscles, tendons and blood vessels all have alleyways to the heart, the brain and the back and spinal region.

In Chinese medicine and reflexology the feet are the central engine to the working of the body’s organs. Pressure points are located on the feet and toes that correspond to the heart, lung, bladder, sinuses, neck and throat and complete glandular and internal systems of the body.

And if you want  to take out the hassle and inconvenience out of cutting your toenails, The Toenail People will remove this difficult task if need be. They will also cut your finger nails if required and they will come to your home at your convenience. For further details

Over 50s need to get good nutrition into their bodies on a regular basis. A good balance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants is what we should strive for in our food.

As we discussed earlier most people seeking a longer healthier life use supplementation as one of the keys towards this goal. There are numerous vitamins, antioxidants and specific nutrients that target different functions to support a vital life. Getting the balance right is extremely important and Vital 55+ is a new formula developed by naturopaths that gets it correct for the over 50s.

Containing resveratrol, astaxanthin, probiotics, fibre, vitamins, red, green and purple vegetables, herbs for brain, memory and circulation, this powder to liquid makes it easy to get more of your daily needs in one simple spoonful.

A gluten, wheat and dairy free super spoon of all the right elements combined from the makers of Vital Greens go to to order or for more information.

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