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Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP): easy, versatile and a lot of fun

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Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is a fabulously portable and versatile sport. It is also a water activity that is deceptively easy to learn. As a spectator sport it looks pretty impressive watching those gondola like vessels glide along with paddles cut effortlessly into the water’s surface. Don’t go thinking it is a sport that is out of your reach. Stand Up Paddle Boarding is the most accessible water sports, for people of all ages and abilities. Yes, even if you’re pushing past 55.

What can’t you do with a Stand Up Paddle Board?!

You can SUP in a shallow lake, or take your board out to a local surf break that is going off. If you’re holidaying close to a meandering river system, gold!

A SUP or two are easily thrown on to the racks of your car, lifted off and carried down to the water. They’re not heavy to carry, just awkward if you’re vertically challenged in height.

SUP is a great way to take in water views while you improve your upper body and core strength, and a great cardio workout if you choose to paddle hard. The benefits are endless.

If you’re not a strong swimmer, invest in a buoyancy vest. While you’re learning, it will give you comfort in the security of knowing your head will be staying above water!

If you have ever done any sport that requires balance – snow skiing, cycling, snowboarding, skateboarding, water skiing – you’ll pick up SUP quickly.  If you haven’t, a SUP is far easier to balance on than any of the balance sports mentioned previously.

10 great reasons to take up Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Apart from what has already been mentioned above, here are ten reasons to put Stand Up Paddle Boarding on your bucket list:

  1. For seniors, regular SUP is a sure but gentle way to build up your core strength. Work up some speed, and you’ve just added cardiovascular benefits too.
  2. SUP is an easy, portable activity to bring along with you on holidays – provided there is water close by of course!
  3. SUP is a great way to sight-see from a different perspective.
  4. You don’t need a trailer, just roof racks.
  5. If your physical strength is fair to great, you can carry your SUP to the water without the help of wheels.
  6. The repetitive motion of paddling and keeping your balance builds upper body strength as well as core strength. Your legs and ankles get a work out too as you keep upright.
  7. The harder you paddle or the more challenging the water way the greater your cardio workout.
  8. There are entire communities built around the love of SUP. It can be as social or solo an activity as you choose.
  9. An entry level SUP and paddles is very affordable compared to most water sport equipment.
  10. It feels fantastic to try a sport that looks hard, and master the basics quickly! It is only your mind that will slow down learning.

How to learn Stand Up Paddle Boarding

The quickest way to get up to speed, as is with any new skill, is to give it a go with an experienced instructor. It seems that everywhere there is water there is a Stand Up Paddle Boarding class to enrol in. One decent set of classes should see you well on your way. If not, at least you gave it a try.

I’d highly recommend you try before you buy.

The options of width and length of SUP along with paddle choices are as broad as its uses.

Hubby started off with a wide, beamy one and soon passed it on to me as he had procured a sleeker, narrower gift for himself. I soon found that once confident, I preferred his narrower board to push it a bit harder, turn faster. On the beamier board, my feet hardly got wet! I actually enjoyed the sense of wet feet and really being on and in the water, rather than high and dry. If you’re a little nervous on balance, a wider SUP is almost impossible to fall off of!

Put SUP on your summer holiday list of new experiences.

To learn more about Stand Up Paddle Boarding

There is an absolute goldmine of information available on Stand Up Paddle Boarding. Explore YouTube for videos and just type ‘SUP’ or ‘Stand Up Paddle Boarding for seniors in Australia’ into your search engine and you’ll have a day’s worth of reading and planning.

Stay active, get into SUP!

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