Five tips for your feline friend this spring

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Don’t forget parasite prevention – Now we are headed into the warmer weather of spring flea and worm protection is especially important. Apart from disease and illness, parasites cause itching which leads to overgrooming and ingestion of fur, so it’s very important to keep up-to-date with treatments. Living indoors-only or in a high-rise apartment doesn’t, unfortunately, provide any guarantee your pet will be parasite-free.

Vital vaccinations – Just as vaccinations are important to human health, they are an essential aspect of preventative feline medicine as well. Check in with your vet to see when your feline friend is due for their next vaccination and book in for a health check at the same time. Remember a good relationship with your vet means your cat’s medical history is well documented, providing vital information as your cat ages or if they become ill.

Grooming your cat is a lovely way to bond – With the arrival of warmer days in spring, your cat will start to lose their thick winter coat. Taking time grooming your cat builds a trusting relationship. Brushing stimulates blood circulation giving your cat healthier skin and a shiny coat. It also reduces shedding and matting plus you will be helping to prevent hairballs by combing out the excess fur.

Claw care – Be sure to have at least a couple of good scratching posts around your home, these will help your cat to exercise their paws and to shed the dead part of the nail. Make a habit of regularly checking your cat’s paws and claws – ingrown claws are a common problem for older cats and can cause extreme pain. Claw trimming is a skill – leave it to the professionals unless you’re very confident.

Be careful with your bouquet – With lots of lovely plants and flowers coming into bloom, it is very tempting to have a floral display indoors but be mindful that some flowers are poisonous for our feline friends, lilies are especially toxic. There are many cat-friendly flowers available, including roses, gerberas, sunflowers, orchids and bottlebrush. Cats do like to chew on greens, so grow some cat grass or catnip in a pot for them.

For more information and other cat care tips, visit or phone the Cat Protection Society of NSW on 9557 4818.


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