Fun DIY crafts to enjoy during lockdown

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by Sarah Halfpenny

Have creative fun with live virtual DIY craft classes + craft kits.

1.  Kintsugi

Learn the enchanting Japanese artform of Kintsugi from the comfort of home. Take broken pottery and repair it with lacquer and gold to create a stronger and more beautiful piece. You can even use the incredible Sugru to create other colourful projects and fixes!

2. Cocktail masterclass

Mixology skills are all the rage at the moment, whether you’re crafting cocktails for one at home or planning for a future party. Why not try an online cocktail class or buy a copy of this fun book, Tequila Mockingbird, that puts a literary twist on cocktails.

3. Painting and drawing

Get inspired by the glorious spring weather with an online painting class for beginners where you’ll learn to paint watercolour flora. You can even have all the materials delivered to your door!

4. Beeswax wraps

Easy, economical and good for the environment – making your own beeswax wrap ticks all the boxes. Minimise your use of plastic wraps and create pretty presents for family and friends in this live-streamed, hands-on experience.

5. Botanical bath bombs

You’ll be relaxing in a bath in no time once you’ve done a step-by-step online class to make your own deliciously fragrant bath bombs! The essential oils and fizzy bubbles are a treat for the senses, and you can design your own colour, fragrance, and florals.

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