World-wide accommodation for free… here’s how

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Heard about the new travel trend which helps the over 55s stay in luxury accommodation worldwide for free? Angela Laws lets us into her secret…

We travel more than any other age group and are 10% more likely than average to take three or more holidays a year according to statistics. Marketing people call us the “Third Age” I’ve a new terminology for them, call us “The Best Age” We know how to live it!

So how can we travel more without breaking the bank? Have amazing experiences, visit our wish list locations all without compromising the way we travel? We’ve found the answer.

House Sitting. This travel lifestyle enjoyed by many over 55’s is rapidly becoming more popular. There are many couples and single retirees taking a ‘grey’ gap year, de-cluttering their lives, downsizing or even selling the family home to house sit around the world. It’s the perfect opportunity to escape the winter with no accommodation costs or enjoy a couple of weeks holiday during summer when costs to go on holiday are high.

Imagine staying in a renovated farmhouse in Tuscany a fortnight this summer or arranging to live in a luxury villa in the Caribbean over winter, for free. What’s the catch? The catch, and absolute pleasure, of house sitting is caring for the owner’s pets in return for a free retreat. Having lost our springer spaniel, Holly a few years back, we’ve dearly missed the company of dogs. Now we get to enjoy the company of pets all over again and combine it with our love of travel. To us its not a catch, it’s one of the best parts about house sitting.

Our amazing journey, which started almost 10 years ago, has enriched our retirement beyond measure. We’ve saved thousands of pounds in travel costs and yet extended our holiday time year on year. My husband, John and I have kept our home, although house sitters are there more than we are, we certainly couldn’t leave it unoccupied otherwise. The world really is our retirement oyster!

So what, how, when and why ….. in brief

  • We care for homes and pets leaving owners free to travel with complete peace of mind

  • Enjoy the best self catering accommodation at amazing rates ….. FREE

  • No peak time inflated costs or single supplements

  • Locations of choice, have opportunities in over 50 countries

  • Enjoy a weekend getaway, a six month tropical adventure and everything in between

  • No overcrowded impersonal hotels or resorts

  • Opportunity to live like a local, really explore an area and get under its skin

  • Meet interesting people and develop lifelong friendships

  • Travel has purpose, stimulating minds and satisfying souls

Our travels have taken us across five continents to some of our dream locations including a New York Fifth Avenue apartment, French Chateau in the Champagne Region, gorgeous Central London home, quintessential English country cottages, suburban Australian homes, a small ranch in Washington State and lovely Californian houses.

Since October 2013 home for us has been a beautiful villa with stunning views across the Mediterranean, our family have visited from the UK, we’ve immersed ourselves into Andalusian life making lifelong friends and picking up a little of the language. In return home owners around the world, especially those with beloved pets, are discovering they can travel with peace of mind, house sitting is truly an altruistic win-win.

Angela Laws

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