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How to Treat Back Pain Without Resorting to Drugs

Many people don’t realise there are ways to remove back pain that don’t include pill popping or surgery.

Pain relief expert Libby Salmon says it is possible to put a stop to lower and upper back pain using methods such as the Motto Rheuma Patch or interactive neurofeedback.

“The Motto Rheuma Patch generates a bio-current on the skin, providing temporary relief of acute and chronic pain – essentially prompting a response from the body’s electrical system,” said Ms Salmon.

“Whereas the interactive neurofeedback devices are a non-invasive method of electro-therapy working with the body to reduce pain.”

“The body’s own pain relief can be up to 10 times stronger than pharmaceutical drugs,” she said.

“When people suffer back pain, in many cases, patients end up on strong pain medication.”

“This negatively affects the liver and can damage the body over time.”

“It’s not a long-term solution and comes at a cost.”

“There are a lot of pain relief options out there which are really effective and non-invasive.”

Ms Salmon said some ways to reduce back pain without resorting to drugs are:

  • Interactive neurofeedback device. These devices deliver a signal through the skin which travels through the nervous system to the brain.  The brain sends back a response and the device then picks up this response and changes the next subsequent signal based on the body response.  It is almost as though the device is having a conversation with the body to get the body to reduce pain
  • Using a mineral patch.   Mineral patches are similar to herbal patches but are impregnated with a mineral instead of a herb.  These patches form a circuit between the patch and the body and this circuit results in a bio-current, which results in pain relief.  The patches can remain on the skin for up to 10 days so can offer long lasting pain relief.
  • Exercise.  Gentle exercise and movement are often a good solution to get the blood and fluid moving which can be beneficial for much back pain but always refer to your health professional as to whether this would be suitable for your condition.

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare some 70–90 per cent of people will suffer from lower back pain, of some form, during their lives.

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About Libby Salmon

Libby Salmon created Bio Circuitry to give people tools to manage their pain without having to use pharmaceutical drugs.

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