5 on the fly: innovative tips for travel

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by Sarah Halfpenny

Travel is finally back on the cards! But after 2.5 years of not going much further than our letterbox, we’re all a little bit rusty when it comes to venturing out. Here are some ideas you can use for your next trip, whether it’s within your own state, around Australia or overseas.

  1. Be creative with your packing

Make the most of every nook and cranny – stuff socks and underwear into shoes. Roll clothes instead of folding them and put them into lightweight packing cubes so everything is easy to get to and won’t get jumbled up. Wear a bumbag and stash extra items in it. If you’re flying, often airlines allow passengers to take a pillow onboard, so make the most of it by filling a pillowcase with extra clothing then seal it all up by inserting a second pillowcase over the end – it’ll also give you something comfortable to lean on during the flight.

  1. Take it one load at a time

When you’re travelling and something needs to be washed, turn it inside out so you can easily identify it. Pack a few metres of thin rope, a handful of pegs, some sachets of shampoo that double as laundry liquid and a travel towel – these four items will save you so much time and money. Handwash your clothes in a sink or when you’re in the shower, pop them inside the travel towel and wring it dry before hanging them on your temporary clothesline, which can be strung up inside a bathroom or on a balcony.

  1. Invest in your feet!

Often when travelling you’ll do a lot more walking than you would on an average day at home. Make sure you invest in a good pair of walking shoes (my favourite brand is Merrell) and make sure you’ve worn them in before you leave on your trip to avoid blisters. You might do upwards of 20,000 steps a day when sightseeing, so give your feet a treat at the end of the day by lathering them in heel balm and covering them with a sock – they’ll be moisturised and raring to go the next day!

  1. Under the influence of oils

Use the power of plants to your advantage by carrying a little bottle of your favourite essential oil with you. Daub some on your wrists as a perfume, or under your nose if you encounter a fellow traveller who doesn’t smell so fresh. Some oils like Tea tree or eucalyptus can also kill bacteria and viruses and can be added to your washing, while others like rosemary, lemon and peppermint can give you an energizing boost.

  1. Sample the local drop

Find the beverage that the area you’re visiting is famous for – it might be wine, beer, tea, coffee, a soft drink or even a milkshake – and drink it in a memorable location. Remember to take a selfie for posterity! A series of these photos in all the places you visit makes for interesting travel tales and means just the sip of a drink can bring back memories of special places.

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