Every little bit helps in leaving a gift to Cancer Council NSW

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When Ann was first diagnosed with thyroid cancer she felt at a loss.

After results revealed that her cancer was malignant, it didn’t take long for her to turn to Cancer Council NSW.

Since then, Ann has hoped for a future where her children and grandchildren could live in a world without cancer.

That hope is one of the reasons why she is leaving a gift to Cancer Council NSW in her will.

Feeling at a loss

After receiving her cancer diagnosis, Ann remembers, “It took me a couple of days and then I rang Cancer Council”.

By getting in touch with Cancer Council, she was able to talk to someone about everything she was going through.

“I could actually see in black and white what the prognosis was for the future. It put a lot of worries to rest”, says Ann.

“I got a lot of information from Cancer Council and they provided me with telephone counselling support which was fabulous – very helpful to my family and I”, she adds.

All the way through her diagnosis and her treatment, Ann felt reassured by the support and information she received.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel 

Throughout treatment and later remission, Ann has learned more and more about Cancer Council NSW, which has inspired her to give back and become a monthly donor.

Ann says, “Cancer Council NSW has always been there with their nice bright daffodils – it was my first port of call when I was told the terrible news.”

She’s seen the work that Cancer Council does firsthand, from the wide range of support that we offer today, to the research we undertake for the future.

More recently, Ann has seen the support available for her daughter, who’s going through treatment for bowel cancer. “Her medical team has been wonderful and the information from Cancer Council has been fabulous. So helpful”, says Ann.

Looking towards the future 

Many years ago, Ann was considering what was most important to her and the type of legacy she wanted to leave behind one day.

That’s when she decided to leave a gift in her will to Cancer Council NSW.

While Ann says it’s not the largest gift, in her heart she knows that it will go a long way for people impacted by cancer.

Ann feels hopeful that the gift in her will and her donations over the years will have a direct impact for people like her daughter and one day her grandchildren. She hopes that others will join her in leaving a gift in their will, too.

“I recommend it to everyone – it gives you a warm feeling inside, too, to know your money is going somewhere good”, Ann said.

If you’re considering what legacy you’ll leave behind, you can get in touch with our Gifts in Wills team by calling 02 9334 1479 or visit website


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