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5 on the fly: modern-day alternatives to a cemetery burial

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by Sarah Halfpenny

There’s a singular enduring truth that every human faces: death. Since we can’t avoid it, why not take a look at the amazing and fascinating options we now have in the 21st Century if you don’t want a standard cemetery burial …

  1. Become a piece of jewellery or an ornament

There’s an entire industry now based around keepsake memorial items to mark the passing of a loved one and literally keep them close to your heart. Skilled jewellers can infuse items like pendants, rings, earrings, charms and cufflinks with ashes or hair. You can even buy DIY kits to make resin ornaments and Christmas decorations that you put your loved one’s ashes into.

  1. Get turned into a firework

Maybe your personality is big and flashy so you want to commemorate it appropriately, or just you want to go out with a bang! Have your ashes added to a handmade firework and let your loved ones enjoy a spectacular and colourful final show at the location of your choice.

  1. Become an artwork

Arrange to have your ashes mixed with paint, clay or tattoo ink, and in the hands of the right artist you could become a cherished artwork in a home or adorning the skin of a loved one. It’s the perfect way to be remembered for those who have lived life with a creative focus.

  1. Be made into music

If music was a big part of your life, then have your ashes pressed into a vinyl record that can be listened to for generations to come. The record can have any sort of audio put on it – a personal spoken message, selected songs, or even phone calls. It’s a musical memory your loved ones can listen to when they’re missing you.

  1. Donate your body

If your organs are in good condition when you die, you can donate them to help save another life – simply take a minute to sign up to the national register. Or you can donate your entire body to medical science to help train the next generation of students coming through Australian universities.

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