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5 on the fly: quick tips to improve your mental health

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by Sarah Halfpenny

1. Be positive

‘With your thoughts you make your world!’ Studies show when we perceive our life positively, it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy – we view all experiences in a way that confirms this mindset. The opposite is also true, so beware!

2. Avoid speculation

Worrying is wasted energy – it’s like paying interest to the bank on money you haven’t even borrowed! Limit your exposure to news and social media if they’re causing you stress.

3. Be mindful

With so much changing around us, life can feel unsettling. Focus on the moment – notice the physical sensations, sounds, smells and tastes that make up your day. It’ll stop unnecessary thoughts about the past or future.

4. Care for others

Whether it’s family, friends or a pet, reaching out to offer help can put your own problems in perspective and make you see the world from a different angle.

5. Improve your sleep

Sleep and mental health are closely related. Experiencing daylight as soon as possible upon waking improves quality of sleep by switching off melatonin and regulating your sleep cycle. The amount of slow-wave sleep you get depends on the activity of calcium inside brain neurons, so food or drink high in calcium before bed will help you snooze longer.


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