Fitness for your brain

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Exercise can ward off dementia & alzheimer’s according to the latest studies. We can grow new brain cells each & every day with practise. The brain is in a constant state of change, recharging itself, finding new neuronic pathways as it faces challenges.

The brains plasticity is a key factor in the study of degenerative diseases of the brain, so like any other organ or muscle, it must be exercised.

Exercising the brain by learning a new language increases its plasticity, opening up new neuron pathways. Physical exercise of the body helps keep the brain fit. Standing up more often moving your body every 10 minutes, using your other hand to do regular tasks, puzzles & visualisation exercises can increase its capacity!

Reading books and creative writing are habits to maintain as we age. Travelling to new places stimulates senses. Trying to focus on our peripheral vision keeps the mind young. Curiosity & a keen sense of purpose can help stave off the Alzheimer’s. Learning anything new opens new regions of the brain. Hand & eye co-ordination exercises or disciplines like yoga, Qi Gong & martial arts are all weapons against degeneration as is meditation.

The time is now to develop habits that enhance the mind & keep you young.



The mystical & spiritual have been part of mankind since the beginning of time. Rituals & symbols have played a major part in the progress of man.

The eastern order of Freemasonry is a worldwide body of both men & woman who work together in the traditional rites of Freemasonry with a conscious awareness of their spiritual content. It is a modern form of understanding the ancient mysteries & a a spiritual journey of self-discovery. Loyalty, honesty & a belief in a divine intelligence are integrated into a new form of knowledge. Charles Leadbeater, a famous writer, philosopher & mystic theosophist one headed the Sydney Lodge & co-authored the ritual used by many co-masonic Lodgers today.

The Rosicrucian Order is devoted to one’s own mastery of life & a liveable philosophy to do so. It is a fraternal organisation of men & women devoted to the investigation of the natural laws that govern the universe & their practical application.

The purpose of this is to help everyone live in harmony, health & happiness with the cosmic forces that apply to us as humans with a purpose.

Tolerance, compassion & spiritual attainment are complimentary to the work & an effect may be felt throughout society as it filters through the community we live in & society in general.

Creativity in all students is enhanced in the ongoing progress of the Rosicrucian teaching. We can find the answers from inside as wisdom is revealed.


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