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Old cures with common herbs and spices, Apple Cider Vinegar, cinnamon, honey, lemon, garlic and ginger are some easily overlooked elixirs for a long life are preventative measures so simple that most people ignore them. Taken in combination, usually in the form of warm water, lemon, garlic and cinnamon – the ailments relieved or prevented are too numerous to mention.

For your eyesight combine, 3 garlic cloves, juice of 4 lemons, honey and 200g flaxseed oil in a blender, jar, refrigerate, take 30ml before meals 3 times a day – it is said to work wonders for your sight and help hair grow!! So there. Mum told you so. Butterfly Pea – a wonderful useful herb used as a tea throughout South East Asia turns your cup blue, helps your eyesight, tastes great and is said to help balance cholesterol levels and used as a rinse, the tea is known to darken greying hair.

Sage, the memory herb, is also known for its darkening effect on hair but if used instead of chemically filled commercial shampoos leaves hair and scalp fresh and clean. It smells good too. Vision can be helped along by Astaxanthin, Butterfly pea, Blueberries, Vitamin A, blue and purple veggies and exercises to improve peripheral vision which declines with age. Try this exercise; look sideways as far as you can, each eye stretching to see as far to your side as possible, look up like you are looking inside your brain and down in between your feet. Washing the eyes in ice water, blinking and rinsing eyes in water and yogic eye asanas can benefit or fight the loss of sight so many experiences with age.

Acetylcholine, Cyclotides – which are plant-based peptides with anti-tumour properties should be researched more and sought by those trying to fight off the ravages of age. Garlic on an empty stomach first thing in the morning is said to work wonders on numerous ailments and make improvements usually noticed after a month, it is a major help for clogged arteries, cheaply, naturally. Try garlic, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, ginger and honey as a tea or cooled as a juice as a natural tonic for many conditions, I teaspoon a day is all that is needed.

The latest anticancer fighters are Tic10 – a trial is going on with this, a fruit from a tree in Queensland, Hemp Oil, Melatonin, Resveratrol, Tomatoes, Chlorella and Spirulina, Turnip Greens, Garlic, Sea Vegetables, turmeric and Cruciferous vegetables. Men with problems in the Love department should consume more beet juice, watermelon, apple cider vinegar, yohimbine (not for everyone), withania, asparagus, cinnamon and Shap Musli.

The Mind

The Mind needs a time-out. Latest research shows meditators live longer. Today mindfulness meditation is gaining popularity. Taken from Buddhist meditation traditions, its emphasis is to be in the moment, trying to slip this meditative state into the everyday chores we do, being immersed in that which you do right now can calm and gradually reduce stress in the body, increase your focus (powers and enliven the brain creating greater fluidity of the mind and opening new pathways). It can feel very good and relax you afterwards. Try some today.

The century old Rosicrucian Order has teachings you can learn at home that help you access your whole potential.  The balance of physical, mental, psychic & spiritual. Weekly lessons open you up to the universe in simple steps. The unlimited powers of the universe await you. Your insight creativity & spirituality will blossom. People will be attracted to you as you develop, your inner healing processes will be enhanced, harmonious events & lifestyle will evolve & an aura of interest & peace will become part of your life.

The Rosicrucian Oder Amorc has a new book on the physical and psychic functions of the endocrine system go to  for this vital book on the workings of this majestic system.

As we age we need help sometimes, it’s nice to know there is someone looking after you, after all, medical emergencies can, unfortunately, strike at any unknown moment, so being prepared  can make all the difference-Medpacs is your personal alarm system to keep you feeling safe 24/7 and in contact at all times go to

Blood pressure is of utmost importance to our general wellbeing. Too high increases the risk of Heart attack or Stroke. Too low is usually associated with diabetes, blood disorders and can cause fainting. Now you can monitor your BP wherever you are with your own clinical UA-767-W Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor-go to

Sun Doctors are skin can cancer experts who can pinpoint any abnormalities with their skin cancer checks. Most people do not realise that they may have a problem, as most skin cancers can go by undetected by those that have them. A professional assessment is needed to be sure you are not one of them. A report by the Australian Cancer Council found almost 50% of weekend sunburns occur when people are doing chores around the home, such as gardening, sweeping hanging out the washing or washing the car or pets. Many people forget the rules & just get on with the job. For an expert check or more information go to

Baptist Care have home care, that as an individual you design. Anything from domestic assistance, help with the garden, respite care or ongoing daily carers, they can help you develop a schedule of care around the ones you love, go to

Snoring & it’s more dangerous cousin sleep apnoea are all too common these days. CPAP Direct have their ResMed AirSense in their store right now, along with many other products to help with this debilitating & annoying condition. They also have the Wenatex Ultimate Adjustable Bed system to help with back pain, diabetics & allergies. Go to for all the information.

Getting around can be difficult with age. Many of us need a little help. Drive and Carry specialise in making our lives easier with motorised mobility. A full range from Sit-Down Riders to baggage go to

Whether you need lift chairs, oxygen solutions Independent Living Specialists offer NSW’s largest range of medical and home care equipment. They are experts in their field and aim to provide you with the best quality equipment and service. At the moment they are offering 30% off physiotherapy and homecare storewide.

And if you want to take out the hassle & inconvenience out of cutting your toenails. The Toenail People will remove this difficult task if necessary. They will also cut your finger nails if required & they will come to your home at your convenience. For further details

To all of us age is inevitable but we don’t have to let it be our ruler, ease up on yourself, think like a teenager and worry less, life is good, enjoy.


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