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Introducing Beautiful Stretches by June Jones

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Regular stretching can provide immense benefits. This is especially true for seniors and the good news is that it’s not hard sweaty work. Stretching should feel pleasurable and when it becomes a daily activity, it becomes a healthy habit.

One of the leading members of the Aerobics Oz Style team, June Jones has been in the industry for 30 years. Through her training in the disciplines of Yoga and Pilates and years of teaching experience she has now released the Beautiful Stretches on DVD series.

June Jones_Level 1 June Jones_Level 2

The DVD’s were developed in response to many requests from people asking for a program they can do in their own time and own pace at home or whilst travelling.

Beautiful Stretches focuses on fluid movements to help your body improve its’ agility, flexibility, stamina and concentration. Step by step cues are provided on how to stretch major muscles. Once you become familiar with the stretches, you can begin to add variety and create stretches of your own to suit.

Restricted range of movement, muscle and joint stiffness are all part of the ageing process.

When we allow our bodies to remain stiff, we add to the stress our musculoskeletal system has to put up with. Stiffness in the neck, shoulders and chest for example may contribute to poor breathing which in turn impacts on the activity of many muscles.

Maintaining an exercise program which includes regular stretching can help you continue to remain supple, increase energy, enhance breathing and improve coordination.

Look out for the up-coming series which will include Beautiful Stretches for golfers, cyclists, walkers and runners and many others.

For more details visit the website.


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