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Solomon Islands a Plane Trip to Paradise

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Most of the travellers and visitors to the Tropical Solomon Islands need to stop on either side of their excursions to the Island Provinces in Honiara.

Located a short Solomon Air 3 hour flight time from Australia, the exotic capital of the Solomon Islands is a humid bustling Jungle outpost.

Honiara will leave you in wonder. Its vibrant colour, lifestyle & laid back locals will amaze. It is different to home, very different, you need to go now. Stay in Honiara to dive the wrecks & relics of the deadly battles of World War II. There are countless dive sites right near the capital, a town of contrasts & historical significance. Visit museums of culture, war history & monuments to the fallen soldiers from all sides.

Enjoy a drink by the sea or a coffee in one of the cafes offering AC respite from the blanketing heat of the tropics. Watch people walking by as they chew the betel nut, a mildly numbing, slightly narcotic favourite here. Just being here, letting go, savouring the uniqueness of the town is what it’s all about in Honiara.

This is the centre of commerce where everyone comes to trade, buy, invest & do deals. The government of the Solomon Islands are encouraging foreign investment right now. It’s never been a better time to do business.

Most visiting businessmen, or overnight visitors heading to the islands & officials stay at The Heritage Park Hotel. A prestige hotel in a waterfront location, The Heritage Park is a prime spot to unwind by the pool after exploring the historical sites of Honiara.

All rooms are luxuriously appointed & large suites are available for the longer stay or business visit. The spa swimming pool & cocktail bar are a perfect spot for looking over the water at point Cruz.

People meet, do deals over lunch, have meetings, hold conferences all in beautifully appointed surroundings. The Terrace Restaurant is well deserving of its reputation for superb food. Try the Sollie’s style marinated Snapper in Coconut milk or a mouth-watering fish curry.

With 47 outstanding rooms & 28 apartments, nothing is left out whatever your needs may be. Relax & enjoy your secure & comfortable stay at the Heritage Park Hotel, go to for bookings.

An alternative to staying in Honiara itself is Raiders Hotel & Dive in the Florida Islands, just 1 ½ hours off Honiara by boat. A handy distance to the main city of the Solomon’s, yet a paradise in itself Raiders offers visitors the chance to stay close. You can dive the wrecks of WWII, snorkel the passenger ship World Discoverer, go on Village Tours, snorkel seaplanes, war ships or unforgettable reefs.

Raiders is named after the US Marine Force that fought to liberate the island Tulagi from the Japanese. This boutique hotel with 8 rooms & 14 beds offers a stay relaxing to the max, or adventure by the day with fantastic day trips and excursions, yet is just offshore to the main island of Guadalcanal go to for bookings & details.

Tavanipupu is a private island in Marau Sound, near the eastern tip of Guadalcanal, made famous by the visit of Prince William & Princess Kate in 2012. You can opt for the Solomon Air 1 hour flight from Honiara, on an 8-seater plane that lands on a grass strip runway or a 3½ hour boat trip right along the coast of Guadalcanal, weather permitting. I recommend the boat trip.

Whatever mode of transport you pick, your destination is pacific paradise. From the beached grey jetty arrival to your own private bungalow, Tavanipupu is postcard perfect.

Once a coconut grove, Tavanipupu is now the Solomon’s Islands pride & joy. Exclusive seclusion is what you find here with your own deluxe chic bungalow complete with indoor & outdoor showers, shells & flowers, a hammock on the front porch all completed in a rustic island décor with stylish furnishings & well equipped bathrooms.

Your days here will be spent snorkelling straight off the resort, over reefs teaming with vividly coloured fish in gin clear water. Brain corals vibrate with life while giant clams slowly close as you float above. Untouched nature is here in abundance; ancient culture is across the strait. The walking tracks, around the island reveal breathtaking vistas; you can cycle them if you wish. Sunsets are spent with cocktails at the wharf, the colourful magnificence slowing slipping into darkness.

Lobster, bugs & fresh seafood delicacies are shared in the open-air dining bure & bar. Icy cold coconuts or a Sol Brew lager, cocktails & a great wine list add to the unique ambience here – without gadgets you can come to know yourself again. You will feel enlivened.

Staff here travel from neighbouring islands by dugout canoes, you don’t see that everyday back home. You can head out to snorkel & surf the outside reefs. Miles away from anything, shallow reefs offer a chance for a surf. The water is sublime & the views from this barrier reef are impossible.

At Tavanipupu you can start to imagine what it would be like to own your own tropical island. Well here you can. Groups, corporate travellers & wedding parties could not find a better location in the world to book out a whole island. Spend the days kayaking, SU Paddling, fishing off the jetty or out in a boat, Tavanipupu is an amazing setting

With great diving just offshore and all around Guadalcanal, WW2 and Diving enthusiasts are over catered for in this graveyard of vicious battles. Come and see a true unspoilt Island nation of friendly people. Remarkable scenery and aquamarine waters made of diamonds and crystals.

If you want to really get away from the fastlane, the Solomon Islands, one of our closest neighbours and the second largest island group in the Pacific is the bucket list destination. A 3 hour ride to paradise.

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