Can I choose my investments in my super?

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Answer:  Yes you can!

At Price Financial Intelligence we have a passion to deliver to our clients the opportunity to select a portfolio that you as our client will feel comfortable in holding. 

Your selected portfolio will reassure you and reduce much of the stress associated with the risk of losing some of your capital.

You can access a variety of Australian Bank term deposits together with quality shares. This mix of investments will provide a reasonable income without too much risk to your capital.

Major share market corrections occur from time to time and these corrections can have a massive impact of retirement incomes. Many retirees are seeking better ways to secure their capital from these corrections.

If you are still in the accumulation stage of growing your superannuation there is no reason why you should not take control of these funds by investing in securities you like to hold. We will help you to make this choice.

Whatever your thoughts could be, we can help you plan your financial affairs including any related taxation, Centrelink or estate planning issues.

We offer potential clients with a 1 hour free consultation to help you understand how you can control your own super.

Please come and find out now!

Location:   Price Financial Intelligence AFSL 402367 Unit 11, 1 Central Ave, Thornleigh.

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