Want extra cash in your pocket every week and add value to your property?

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Granny Flats by Masterton – the cheapest property investment at the moment

Granny flats can make at the moment and offers a much smaller financial commitment compared to investing in another property while providing you with an extra rental income. In fact, granny flats present a golden opportunity right now with RPG Valuers recently disclosing that granny flats can add a premium of 20-30% of what it cost to build one. They are also the perfect alternative if you require more living space for your family.

– Building on owned land – no expensive land cost.
– Dual Occupancy without the land development costs.
– No expensive exchange of property costs.
– Short term build contract so you start earning earlier.
– Increase your existing property value.
– Easy bank finance by using the equity gained on existing home.
– Earn an income from the property where you live.
– Investment without causing family financial strain and sacrificing lifestyle.

Backyard Investment
Want extra cash in your pocket every week and add value to your property


Granny Flat Uses

– Rent and generate additional rental income from the one property
– Generate additional living space cheaper then expensive additions and alterations
– Create room for your hobby
– Use it to entertain guests
– Help out family members, kids and grandchildren
– Customise granny flat to rent out to students
– Use as Cabana for the pool area
– Teenage retreat
– Carer accommodation
– Home office
– Home business space
– Music room

Reasons why Masterton Granny Flats will create a niche in the market:

– Masterton Granny Flats complete free site inspections.
– Masterton Granny Flats are built on industry knowledge from a reputable building company – over 50 years strong! We are up to date with progressive knowledge & ideas in the construction industry.
– We don’t just build Granny Flats, we build Masterton Quality Granny Flats.
– Unsurpassed service after completion of your Masterton Granny Flat for a period of 90 days.
– We build to your block and provide a Tender that is reflective of all known site conditions.
– We are prepared to amend designs to suit / protect your lifestyle and privacy.

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