When new year’s resolutions get you adding to your ‘to do list’, don’t put off making your Will

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The new year is a great time to explore new resolutions, like catching up on life admin and making a Will.

It’s common for people to take out insurance or make saving plans when thinking about the year ahead, but many put off making a Will because it doesn’t feel like a priority.

A Will is so important because it protects the things you’ve worked hard for during your life, and ensures your wishes are carried out after you die.

While not an exciting task, making your Will is essential. Without a valid Will, no-one knows who you wanted to inherit your assets and sentimental items or care for your children.

The law doesn’t provide for gifts to friends or charities, or any religious or cultural arrangements you may want to make. There is no allowance for your pets, who can also be important members of your family.

Instead, your assets will be distributed according to a legal formula, which may not reflect your wishes at all.

There is no right or wrong time to make a Will. But if you’ve recently had any major changes in your life, like buying a home, growing your family or changing your relationship status or the structure of your assets, it’s a good time to make it a priority.

It’s common to wind down over the holidays to prepare for the new year. To give yourself peace of mind, why not add your Will to that priority list?

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* Names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

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