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Anti-ageing is not a state of mind, although a younger frame of mind helps stave off the years.

Anti-ageing is a full blown science of life extension. Researchers probe nutritional, lifestyle chemicals, mechanics and ancient cultures looking for the youth molecule

While the search goes on for the miracle anti-ageing pill, the many branches of the research tree have their own combined benefits.

A combination of supplements, treatments, exercise, good nutrition and advanced pharmacy may be the answer.

Always consult your health expert before embarking on a new search for youthfulness.

Ditching the sugar and sweets except for raw dark cacao seems to be universal advice. Most white foods are highly processed and are of not much nutrition benefit.

Replace with cinnamon, which helps reduce blood sugar levels and cholesterol. Don’t use artificial sweeteners as they have ben found to be very detrimental to overall health.

Eat fish oil an anti-inflammatory hair grower that helps skin from the inside.

Dump the foundation – it cements your wrinkles. Was the face in ice water if you can, it has a preservative effect.


Have a massage you know how you feel afterwards.

Drink herbal teas- bergamot tea helps reduce cholesterol and chamomile sooths the nerves. Lemon and hot water is a cure for many ailments or green tea, lemon and honey.

Basil is thought to have anti-ageing properties,  a staple of Thai cuisine, it may be the reason Thai’s look younger than their age.

Apricots are said to protect against cancer and help reduce cholesterol as do almonds. Avocado is the healthy fat fruit, great for your skin.

Tomatoes with virgin olive oil – full of lycopene which protects skin from damage and fights wrinkles.

Boosting your libido helps you stay young, a healthy sex life is good for the body and mind, millions agree on this.

Uptake your input of anti-oxidants – Astaxanthin found in wild salmon is good for heart and cardiovascular system and many other bodily functions. Take a supplement or eat more of this fish. Vitamin C / regular doses of vitamin E / Q10, Lipoic Acid, carnosine, selenium and zinc are all indicated to live a long healthy lifestyle.

Resveratrol is the new big boy of anti-ageing with the research scientists behind if using it themselves . Made from grape skins it has shown great promise as an anti-ageing agent.

Oil massage is another technique to keep the skin soft and youthful. Rosehip oil; rich in vitamin C and nutrient is a natural fighter of age.  It improves skin, reducing wrinkles and age spots, helping sun burnt and damaged skin. It has been used successfully in the fight against excema in a cream made naturally at Organic Rosehip Skincare, without any synthetics to annoy the skin.

Sesame oil is said to help conditions of dry, flaky skin. It is available in white and black.

Another oil used for many years to treat many skin diseases is Kigelia Oil.

Its skin tightening effects are well known throughout Europe in the anti-ageing market. It has been shown to have tumour reducing activity fungicidal properties, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions. It has been used to treat pimples, scars, tinea, small wounds, excema and many other ailments, even Kaposi sarcoma, the HIV related skin scars. In more traditional use men and women have used it to enhance the growth of genitals and breasts; the fruit as an aphrodisiac. For anti-ageing it is not to be missed.  A diet rich in green leafy vegetables and many coloured foods is necessary for a long healthy life.

Restricting calories is a method being used for life extensions. Feeling hungry, not full is the secret – small meals throughout the day, but way less food can be an age extension.

Superfoods acai, chia, maca, ginseng and berries have had a lot of publicity and can help give you a pep.

Cosmetic surgery and hormone replacement are popular procedures to roll back the years. Whatever the procedure, it can help with outward appearance.

Older people who attend regular religious or spiritual services tend to have healthier and longer lives than non-believers.  It is more to do with the psychological effects of being involved and doing something that makes you feel better about yourself and others, about finding a connection that keeps you interested and vital.  It’s all about using the mind in a different way, a new creative way. Some try meditation or a new spiritual practice. The Rosicrucians teach self-mastery of the mind and the toning into the power of the universal mind. An ancient practice it has many practical applications that can enhance the enjoyment of all life’s dreams.

Cosmetic Dentistry is enjoying a boom with the boomers.

Staying open minded and building creativity helps the brain stay young as does surrounding yourself with positive people and keeping the blues at bay.

Keeping your interest up-to-date and not becoming a “cranky old soul” recharges the enthusiasm, a necessity of staying young as is “not letting the old guy in”, reminding yourself what it felt like to be a teenager  full of zest. Having younger friends helps too,

Until the scientists medics and researchers find the foundation of youth elixir a good strong combination of the above should help the youngie in us all.



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