Connect with aged care support services

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It’s never too early to find out about what aged care services and supports are available before you need them. Knowing what is available will help you be prepared to make decisions about your future when the time comes.

A variety of aged care services and support options are available to assist older people to live independently at home.

The Australian Government’s My Aged Care website and a national 1800 phone line gives people access to aged care services and to find information in one spot.

The Government understands that not all older people are confident using the internet, and engaging with the aged care system doesn’t require computer literacy. While last financial year there were over 3.5 million visits to the My Aged Care website, there were also well over a million calls to the My Aged Care phone line to allow people to talk through their issues with a real person.

The My Aged Care phone line can provide the same information as the website, including about eligibility to access services, costs and local service providers.

A family member, doctor or community member can also call My Aged Care on behalf of someone if they don’t feel comfortable, or are unable, to talk on the phone. On the initial call, they will just need the older person with them so they can confirm they can speak on their behalf.

The average time for My Aged Care to answer calls is around one minute with a wait of only 3-4 minutes even during the busiest times.

The My Aged Care website is being continuously updated and improved to make it easier for older people and their families to access information about ageing and aged care and to support consumer choice.

More details are available through the My Aged Care website and the information phone line on 1800 200 422.

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