Free educational seminar to help sufferers of osteoarthritis

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Dr. Ralph Bright – Australia’s expert in biological treatment for osteoarthritis – will be hosting a free seminar at Western Sydney University on the 29th of November.

Dr. Bright, physician and surgeon at Macquarie Stem Cells, is a firm believer in the human body’s potential to heal itself. Bright is the first practitioner in Australia to have treated patients suffering from osteoarthritis with stem cell injections.

Osteoarthritis affects 1 in 11 Australians every year. This degenerative condition translates into chronic pain, stiffness and restricted functions – impacting every aspect of life; social interactions, relationships and emotional wellbeing.

Josephine Coratella

Using both biology and technology, Macquarie Stem Cells has been leading the charge in relieving Australians of their pain. The clinic uses a light surgical procedure to treat osteoarthritis with stem cell injections.

“Stem Cell therapy consists of taking a small portion of fat from a patient, separating all the cells and throwing the fat cells away. We keep the cells that are going to do the healing and we put them back into patients”, he says.

“The natural role of stem cells is to heal. They are the fundamental cells, present in every tissue of the body. What they do in those tissues is repair and heal cells that are not doing well.”

This biological treatment has been particularly successful on patients suffering from osteoarthritis.

“When you look at osteoarthritis, all the treatments we have to date destroy the joint, whereas here is a treatment that will actually rebuild the joint”, Dr. Bright says.

Established in 2009, Macquarie Stem Cells is the first medical clinic using biological treatments in Australia. So far, they have successfully treated over 1,000 patients.

Josephine Cortella is one of such patients. She was treated for a knee injury by Dr. Ralph Bright in 2011 at the Macquarie Stem Cells clinic.

“Since having the treatment, I’ve had no more problems with my knee. Within weeks I started feeling much better,” she said.

“Before that I couldn’t walk, couldn’t bend, couldn’t go up and down the stairs. It was excruciating pain. I felt crippled”.

“I have five little grandchildren. Since my treatment I can play with them, I can pick them up, I can run. I can do everything I was doing before my knee was painful”.

To find out more about advancements in biological therapy, Macquarie Stem Cells clinic is hosting a free educational seminar on Thursday 29th November at Western Sydney University.

To reserve your place, head to: or call 02 9824 3044

Main picture Dr. Ralph Bright at Macquarie Stem Cells 

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