Give your morning smoothie a boost

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Healthy, delicious and easy to make, smoothies are more popular than ever – they’re the perfect solution for breakfast on the go and make for a satisfying snack throughout the day.

Take your favourite smoothie recipe up a notch by adding one or two additional ingredients and smoothie supplements – most of which won’t even impact the taste. Here a few ideas for those of you who want to get more vitamins and minerals into your morning smoothie.


If you like to add a bit of yogurt or milk to your smoothie mixes, kefir is one to try. A fermented drink made with milk from cows, goats or sheep, many people find it easier to digest than whole milk. You can also look for kefir made from soy or other dairy alternatives.


The coconut fruit has plenty going for it. Adding coconut water provides you with fat-free hydration and electrolytes. Some coconut-based milks work well in smoothies, and a bit of coconut oil can provide energy and healthy fats for nutrient absorption.

Banana powder

If you want the potassium of the yellow fruit without having to add them in whole, banana powder is a good option. Made from finely-milled dried bananas, its potassium can act like a natural energy drink after a tough workout.


Although you have to make sure to grind these properly beforehand so that they are more easily digested, flaxseeds will add healthy fats and fibre to your smoothie.


Smoothies with leafy greens blended in make them highly nutritious. Spinach, in particular, is a vitamin-friendly ingredient which will leave you feeling good all day. And if you’re not especially keen on the flavour, fear not, as a standard blender chops the spinach into tiny pieces within the smoothie so that you won’t even taste it.

Protein powder

Although often associated with serious athletes and post-workout routines, protein powders (or shakes) are purely nutritional. There’s a constantly growing array of powders available (they’re generally whey, egg or soy-based) and including one in your smoothie will make it more filling.

Chia seeds

It’s believed that the Aztecs were big fans of chia seeds, and not for nothing are they dubbed as one of the healthiest foodstuffs on the planet. They are rich in omega-3 fats, full of fibre and a terrific source of calcium.


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