No one wants to grow old

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grow old

Amongst 50 something’s the term anti-ageing is becoming quite common. Everyone knows someone who is trying a new product or ancient remedy to help slow down the ageing process.

Clinics are popping up all over to challenge the degenerative processes of growing old. Cosmetic surgery is a growth industry as many try to pull back the years.

The main contributes to ageing are:

Genetics – it’s a little hard to fix this, as we had no choice in the matter, but we can challenge perceived future health outcomes by lifestyle change.


Stress – the killer, the agitator the enemy of a healthy existence. It can lead to heart attack, stroke, skin disorders, depression and can trigger major illness such as cancer and other unwanted disorders.

Relearning to control your mood and trying to avoid situations causing stress are a couple of steps towards a more relaxed life.

Stress increases the release of cortisone & cortisol which inhibit your disease fighting immune system.

couple stretching

Exercise meditation, having a massage and a good diet with a B complex vitamin can help alleviate stress. We all have to learn how to avoid or deactivate stress from our daily lives. This can be as simple as changing routines, trying or learning relaxation techniques or even consciously smiling more. Deep breathing and yogic breathing can bring quick relief to stressful feelings.

Exercise of the body will help keep your mind young and vice versa. Stimulation of the brain can increase the minds agility, a plasticity that helps open new neurological pathways.

Challenge the mind and you shall be rewarded with a new connection. Sharpen the brain and the body will follows:

Learning a language and puzzles work magic on our brains network.

Staying open minded building creativity and trying new experiences all help to bring the mind back to a youthful state.

Don’t let the old guy in” – keeping your interests modern and accepting change helps to stay young. Being an old fuddy duddy  does not.

Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables. Mixed colours; red, purple, yellow, green and blue will help your body stay young.


Antioxidants – a supplement a day will help keep the age away.

Get your sleep happening – our recharge every night should refresh and reward the body and mind

Use oils – for skin internally as a food and as a supplement. Massage oils into your body.

Try a wrinkle eraser – something with retinol, Vitamin A or Rosehip Oil which is said to help reduce wrinkles and scaring due to the antioxidant penetration.

Kingelia oil – has been used in Africa to make the skin look more youthful and revive a variety of skin conditions.

Tamanu oil – can help the formation of new tissue and accelerating healing, it’s proven to be very versatile in maintaining youthful looks.

Hormone replacement – for men and women is getting very popular, with men being prescribed testosterone for maintaining youthful manliness. Women have been prescribed estrogen and progesterone, with testosterone helping to promote young feelings in the over 50’s.

Keep education yourself – use it or loose it

Promote happiness – within yourself, happy people last longer


Smile – put a smile on your dial it makes you feel better, exercises your facial muscles and promotes joyous feelings within and without. It’s easy

HGH – people using human growth hormone over 50 have reported less body fat, more muscle tone, higher libido and better performance, mood uplift and firmer skin. It’s expensive and it’s intravenous.

Become more curious – wonder at nature, take time to sit and observe

You can try faith, your religion, meditation, prayer and spirituality. People with beliefts tend to outlive those without.

Or if all this is not enough for you:

Use a surgeon – tighten and tuck, take some years away

WAIT FOR SCIENCE – an anti ageing pill is on its way.



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