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Six things to consider when buying a new mattress

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The older one gets, the more likely it is that one develops some challenges with sleeping. This can be due to natural changes in our life cycle or chronic illnesses that may disrupt our sleep rhythm. 

Having an ideal mattress is crucial to how well you sleep. The wrong choice of mattress can cause many discomforts, sometimes resulting in back pain, neck pain, restless sleep, and insomnia, especially among older people.

Read reviews of different mattresses and make an informed choice on Mattress reviews Australia. When shopping for a new mattress, there are certain factors you must put into consideration before making a purchase, and these include:

Size of the mattress

The mattress size should not be too narrow to reduce the chances of falls. Rather, it should be large enough and comfortable.

When considering size, you should also be conscious of the space available in the room. For a smaller room, an extra-sized bed may leave the room too congested and clumsy.

You can buy different sizes of mattresses locally or online and have them shipped to you anywhere.

Feel and texture of the mattress

Many people believe that the best mattress must be the hardest and firmest. The best recommendation is medium firmness. 

Excessive firmness of a mattress can apply extreme pressure on the spine when you lay on the bed, causing the spine to deviate from its natural curvature, resulting in back pain and other complications.

It is also better if the mattress is not too soft. Soft mattresses tend to sag and sink, resulting in severe discomfort and long-term issues with posture.

Materials used to make the mattress

Mattresses are constructed from different materials. Some use spring coils that give it a bouncy feel; this type is known as an innerspring mattress. It is the most widely available type of mattress. Older people may find the bouncy nature of an innerspring mattress to be disturbing.

Latex mattresses are made from natural latex materials, while memory foam mattresses are designed to conform to the body shape. Memory foams are also very popular among seniors in recent times for the comfort they provide.

Hybrid mattresses are made from a combination of different materials. On the other hand, air mattresses are inflated with air until they reach the desired firmness or softness.

Waterbeds, also known as floatation mattresses, are mattresses filled with water. They can relieve stress on the spine and relieve back pain, as they are gentle on the body. 

It is better to take your time and browse the available alternatives rather than just rushing to make choices you may regret later.

Sleeping position and Body type

It would be best to consider your prominent sleeping position and body type when purchasing a mattress because your style of sleeping and your weight influence the best choice of mattress for you – how firm or soft your bed should be.

For instance, side sleepers do best with softer mattresses that relieve pressure. They do not exert force on your shoulders and hips but will align with the shape of your sides.

A medium-firm mattress can also work well for side sleepers. This type of mattress provides a combination of pressure relief and spinal support. 

The heavier you weigh as a side sleeper, the firmer your mattress should be to support your weight.

Back and Prone sleepers will do best with a firm mattress that can support and maintain the curvature of the spine while sleeping. A softer mattress is likely to sink and cause back pain as a back or prone sleeper. 

Generally, manufacturers tend to lean towards medium-firm and hybrid mattresses to accommodate a wide variety of sleeping positions and body types of their customers.

Consider Adjustable beds

This is especially advisable if you struggle with back or neck pain.

With adjustable beds, you can change the position and angles of the mattress to suit your preference and comfort.

You can adjust the bed at the neck and knees level, which will help alleviate the pressure at these points. 

Look for firm mattresses along the mid-spine region but softer at the shoulder and hip regions. These types of mattresses are typically easier to pack when you are looking to move, for example.

With adjustable beds, you can change the position and angles of the mattress to suit your preference and comfort. Though there are many adjustable beds out there just like different types of mattress so it’s better to know the best adjustable beds in Australia, learn their health benefits, sizes, cost, and usage before getting yourself one.


Another important consideration while shopping for a mattress is the cost. You should draw up your budget even before you start looking at options. Prices often vary across different stores and brands.

It is recommended to buy products from brands and retail stores you trust, as you can be assured of good value for money. Also, look out for brands with good customer service and those that offer the longest warranty time.

Please always make sure you inquire about the store or brand guidelines and understand where they stand on granting free trial periods and their return policies.

Wrapping Up

It is vital to take better care of our sleep and health as it’s possible to develop insomnia and other sleeping disorders. It is crucial to be keener about our choices that may impact our sleep and health. 

This extends to the choice of mattress we use, as they can influence how well we sleep. The most important thing is to prioritize what is most comfortable for you.

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