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Aged Care Specialists

At Trinity Management Services we are committed to excellence in the delivery of management reporting in the professional care industry. This means adding bottom-line value through efficient, compliant operations. We are not driven by past successes; we strive for continual advancement in everything we do; continuously improving for the future.

Established in 2001. Trinity Management Services delivers customised management reports for the professional care industries. Our starting point is always to understand the specific challenges of client, then apply our highly experienced business practices to deliver solutions that meet these needs.

Full or Partial Management Services

Trinity Management Services provides tailor made management reports to assist in professional management across the following areas:

+ Payroll service – to produce timely and powerful reports

+ Resident billing – fully integrated billing system, tailored to meet the individual needs of individual organisations

+ Purchasing and accounts payable – incorporating an accounting service if required

+ Staff management and development – preparation of powerful reports and staff record management, including performance appraisals

+ Financial management and control – reporting for management and proprietors in an easy to read format

+ Funding and representation – presentations and applications to all departments

+ Building maintenance and infrastructure – resource appraisal and building and equipment maintenance scheduling techniques

Why Trinity Management Services?

We manage your payroll, so you can manage your business.

We are a team of highly experienced business innovators and advisors that work seamlessly with aged and healthcare facilities, childcare organisations and a range of other sectors to provide outsourced professional administrative services. We enable you to retain proficient, compliant systems with reliable, meticulous reports and records.

Over many decades, the executive team have developed pioneering businesses and cultivated financial viability and standards compliance. Trinity Management Services has been built on a rich heritage of excellence in the business of health care.

The Trinity Team

Trinity Management Services is lead by a team with extensive careers directing companies in the health care industry and wider business sector. Combined, they bring comprehensive skills in customer relations and development, property and business development, payroll, technology, finance and clinical care advisory.

To find out more please contact on 02 9880 7455 or


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