10 Popular Pinterest Crafts

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Pinterest is a hugely popular website that lets users share inspiration and creative ideas, making it a great website for people who like craft and DIY projects.

We take a look at 10 of the most popular crafts on Pinterest and how you can try them.

DIY Skirts

Lots of free skirt patterns are shared on Pinterest, so if you want to add something unique to your summer wardrobe you’re bound to find a tutorial to suit.

This widely shared pin has links for fifteen different free skirt patters, from frilly and formal to long and simple.

Find it here

Yarn Wrapping

Pinterest craft fans often share projects that involve brightening up objects through the use of yarn.

This simple tutorial teaches you how to transform a plain wooden letter into a stand-out decoration. You could use any colours or embellishments you like, and these would make a great present for a new baby.

Find it here

Mosaic Making

Lots of people share pins on how you can turn unwanted items into pretty mosaics.

This mosaic tile birdbath tutorial has been pinned thousands of times by crafty Pinterest users. It guides you through the process of converting an old birdbath into an eye catching garden centrepiece through the use of old CDs.

Find it here

Tote Bags

Sewing craft projects are very popular on Pinterest, especially easy to make tote bags.

This pin to make a tote bag that turns into a beach towel – with its very own pillow – is a great one to try this spring if you’re a confident sewer.

Find it here

Paper Flowers

Thousands of pinners love paper flower craft tutorials.

These Storybook Paper Flowers are shared again and again by people who want to make something special for weddings or parties. All you need are some pages from old books or sheet music, and a few basic craft supplies.

Find it here

Embellished Frames

There are lots of pins which help people update old mirrors and frames to give them a new lease of life.

This Decorative Mirror tutorial is popular with pinners, and uses ordinary egg cartons to create a pretty floral frame for photographs or mirrors.

Find it here

Nail Polish Art

You’d be amazed just how many pins are shared that help people use nail polish to not only decorate their hands, but also household objects.

If you have some white mugs and a little nail polish, you could make these elegant DIY watercolour mugs.

Find it here


Patterns and tutorials for embroidery are very popular on Pinterest.

The Craft Candy Pinterest channel has over a million followers, and their Embroidery and Applique board contains lots of great ideas for embroidery fans, like these cute embroidered trees.

Find it here

Balloon Craft

You might be surprised by the sheer number of creative things you can do with balloons. Pinners share tips for using balloons to create candle holders, bowls and decorations, as well as show creative ways to make an ordinary balloon more exciting at parties.

If you’re throwing a dinner party (or just love chocolate) you could try this Pinterest craft tutorial on using a humble balloon to make show-stopping chocolate bowls.

Find it here

Sock Animals

You can’t beat a sock animal for a homemade gift, and if you’re looking for a simple pattern you’ll find lots available on Pinterest.

There are free patterns for sock monkeys, bunnies, teddies and other animals, but this cute sock sheep pattern is very popular with crafty pinners.

Find it here

Craft for Kids

As well as finding lots of crafts to do with kids, you’ll discover that there are some great ideas for things to make for young relatives.

This widely shared pin for DIY knitted hooded cowls is a particularly nice craft project, and would make a lovely gift to give later in the year.

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