10 Spring Cleaning Tricks To Save Time

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As the warmer weather approaches there is no better time to wipe away the dust, clear away the clutter and revitalise the home.

Cleaning and organising is much easier when broken up into ‘Spring Projects’. You’ll have the job done in no time so you can relax and enjoy the sunshine.

TOP TIP: With every project you undertake, keep in mind – Stop, Sort, Solve. Remember that by stopping first and assessing what needs to be done, will then allow you to sort things out into groups and prioritise the space they should occupy. Inject some fresh air into your home with these clever spring Projects:

1. Archive Your Wardrobe

Accumulated extra clothes, blankets and linen throughout the colder months? There are plenty of products on the market that help you archive your seasonal items protected from bugs, dust, humidity and mildew ready for next winter.

2. Small People. Organised Space

Keeping the grandkids’ things together and organised is no mean feat. Get your grandkids involved by creating a space that they can learn to keep tidy themselves. Start by eliminating any excess toys that they have outgrown and only keep items that are being used frequently.

3. Kitchen Clear Out

Its time to pack away the slow cooker and bring the juicer back out as you trade casseroles for lighter summer cooking. Spring is also the time that pantry bugs can wreck havoc on your dry stores.

Stay ahead of the game with a full pantry clean out. Use your white magic cleaning cloths to wipe down shelves ready for the busy summer season ahead. Take the opportunity to review your pantry containers. Do you have too much food wastage? It might be time to switch over your dry stores into quality containers that stack and have airtight seals.

4. Garage Clean Out

Many miscellaneous things will find their last resting place in the garage. To keep your garage in order, first stop and look at what you have stored in there so you can analyse where the problem is.

Secondly, sort through everything and group similar items together, only then will you be able to look for an appropriate solution.

5. Cut down

Cut down on cleaning time this spring by grouping cleaning aides in a caddy. This will save you walking back to the laundry to pick up more items as you move around the home.

6. Cut down

Cut down on your chemical usage this spring clean, and use smart reusable cleaning cloths that don’t require chemicals. Use White Magic Micro Fibre Cloths to dust, clean mirrors and easily wipe up grease, mould, soap scum, spills and dirt.

7. Maximise space

In your wardrobe by shrinking down winter woollies, flannelette bedding, and doonas with Space Bags. Place them out of the way in archive zones – either at the top or bottom of your shelving units.

8. Keep archive space fresh and mould free.

Invest in products like DampRid, the new Climate Range or Pure Bamboo carbon based dehumidifiers. Reducing excess humidity helps prevent musty odours and preserves your clothes and blankets for next winter.


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