5 on the fly: creative storage ideas when you don’t have much space

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by Sarah Halfpenny

Finding a place for all the items in your home gets harder by the year, doesn’t it! To avoid paying for a storage unit and help keep your home tidy, take a look up, down and around to identify some of the options you may have overlooked…

  1. Hidden storage

Get creative with unused space – there are plenty of furniture tricks, like under your bed, inside an ottoman with a hinged lid, a stool in the bathroom with drawers, or a bedhead with built-in shelving.

  1. Nooks and vertical spaces

Make the most of places like your entryway, the backs of doors and unused nooks around the house. Put in hooks, slim-line wire baskets, and open shelves of various lengths – they don’t have to be very long or deep to be useful.

  1. Helpful additions

Jars, baskets and bins are great storage options that can sit proudly on a shelf to hide items that are high-use but that you don’t necessarily want out in the open. Simple jewellery holders – a framed corkboard with hooks for example – can be attached to the wall to save valuable drawer and shelf space.

  1. Use walls

Utilise the space close to the ceiling to store less frequently used items such as bags, shoes, photo albums and books by building shelving across the perimeter of your room. Mount small cubes (without bulky doors on them!) for open storage in bedrooms, and wall-mount other items like lights to stop them taking up space on the shelf.

  1. Use windows

There’s a way you can still enjoy the light coming in your windows without losing valuable storage capacity – hanging shelves and racks across windows are the perfect solution, especially in places like bathrooms, the laundry and kitchen.

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