5 on the fly: different ways to volunteer

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by Sarah Halfpenny

There are literally hundreds of different ways you can volunteer in your local community, and the benefits aren’t just for the organisation you volunteer for! Volunteers gain confidence, meet new people, learn new skills, take on challenges and have the satisfaction of making a difference in the world. Here are five suggestions to get you started …

 1. Drive

Many Councils need volunteer drivers to pick people up and drive them to and from medical appointments during the working week (Monday to Friday). Give your local Council a call and see what assistance they need.

  1. Cook

Meals On Wheels is a vital service that literally sustains life for many of its clients. They rely on volunteers to do many of the jobs, including preparing and packing the food. Click here to find your local service and enquire about volunteering.

  1. Write

Some charities need people with journalistic skills to help them communicate information to the general public. These volunteer roles suit creative people who are passionate about news and community so if this sounds like you, get in contact with an organisation that interests you.

  1. Organise

There are always plenty of administrative tasks that need to be done to successfully run a not-for-profit company. If you love systems and procedures and get a kick out of liaising with people, then offer your assistance in an organisational capacity – so many people will be grateful!

  1. Be a mentor

Many children find themselves in difficult situations over which they have no control – whether that be because they have a parent in prison, are struggling with their education, or simply need a positive role model in their lives. Find a local youth-focused charity and give your time and attention to help the next generation flourish.

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