5 on the fly: fabulous over 50 – the women in fashion to follow on Instagram

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by Sarah Halfpenny

  1.  Lyn Slater @iconaccidental

Finding there was a gap in the market for a fashion blog or magazine that spoke to women who live “interesting but ordinary lives”, Lyn started her own, and it quickly gained a huge audience with nearly 760,000 followers on Instagram. Her posts are full of fun, humour and the right mix of eccentricity, rebellion and convention.

  1. Sophie Fontanel @sophiefontanel

A French fashion journalist and author, Sophie is now a digital celebrity with over 260,000 Instagram followers. She’s used her influence to make grey hair socially acceptable and is known for her sense of elegance, despite often wearing oversized items of clothing.

  1. Jo Harvey Graham @50sowhatofficial

Based in Sydney, Jo created a community for like-minded, young-at-heart over 50s who feel like they’ve just started the best years of their lives. She combines fashion, beauty, food, health, entertainment and more, in posts that feature a lot of midlife honesty.

  1. Janie Medley @medleystyle

62-year-old Janie hails from the US state of Virginia and shares her love of fashion, flowers, and some inspirational words. She’s not afraid of wearing bright, bold colours and wants to encourage older women to step outside their comfort zone and not let age be the factor that stops them from trying a new look.

  1. Cindy Crawford @cindycrawford

Yes, the supermodel from the ’80s and ’90s is still a beacon of cool and style. Join her almost 6 million followers for a dose of laid-back California chic – think jeans, summer dresses, a great range of hats plus a splash of glamour and throwback photos.

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