5 on the fly: Instagram accounts to make you smile

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by Sarah Halfpenny

  1. @weratedogs

A heart-warming and hilarious account featuring adorable dogs, chosen from the 800+ submissions received daily. Dogs are rated on a scale of 1 to 10 (but always end up with a score higher than 10) and the photos are accompanied by a clever caption that’s guaranteed to make you smile.

  1. @totallyawesome80s

Enjoy a bit of nostalgia from one of the most fun-loving decades in history. Scour through photos with nods to iconic ’80s movies, music, games, celebrities, food and fashion. Prepare to cringe, cry and cheer as you reminisce.

  1. @awkwardfamilyphotos

Sit back with a cuppa and have a hearty laugh as you delve into the photo albums of strangers from around the world who offer up their best ‘worst’ photos. It’s a friendly account where people come together and share their uncomfortable but very amusing family moments caught on film.

  1. @historycoolkids
    Filled with intriguing photos and stories from history, you can get lost in fascinating facts for hours. You’ll discover some of the most mind-boggling stories don’t always come from fiction but from real life.
  1. @panda.clip

We all know pandas look cute, but have you ever seen how playful, clumsy and hilarious they are? You’ll chuckle at the unscripted and unedited antics of pandas, who often find themselves in precarious positions. They’re bundles of joy wrapped in black and white fur.

Cute animals – the best thing on Instagram, hands down!


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