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5 on the fly: Are you a kidult?

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by Sarah Halfpenny

70 years ago in the USA, the term ‘kidult’ was coined to describe an adult who liked watching TV shows made for a more youthful audience. Nowadays, with adults having more disposable income and a longing for nostalgia, big brands are taking the ‘kidult’ market seriously, with plenty of toys and games on offer marketed directly to them. If you hanker for one of these items, you might just be a kidult in disguise! Be proud and play loud!

  1. LEGO

As an adult, building with LEGO can be like a form of mindfulness – you can leave the stresses of the daily grind aside for a while and unleash your creativity at the same time. Create the haven of your dreams (like a bookshop complete with café!) or an international landmark like the Great Wall of China, or a vehicle you covet in real life like a Volkswagen camper van. There are so many masterpieces waiting to be unboxed. (Just don’t step on the blocks in bare feet!)

  1. Barbie dolls

There are many reasons to collect Barbie dolls. One is for investment purposes; in 2010 a Barbie with jewels designed by Australia’s Stefano Caturi sold at Christie’s in New York for over US$300,000! Some people love the history and fashion of them, or feel comforted by the nostalgia, tradition and emotion of having dolls from their childhood and their relatives around them. There are also plenty of other collectibles like Pop! Vinyls and Cabbage Patch Kids which are cute and joyful – also valid reasons to treasure them!

  1. Bouncy castles

If you’re game for an action-packed day of adventure, then the world’s largest jumping castle might be exactly what you’re after! It’s touring around Australia and they have adults-only sessions. It includes a 300-metre-long inflatable obstacle course, slides, ball pits, a maze and climbing walls. Shoes off, party on!

  1. Board games

Banish the childhood memories of flipping the Monopoly board in frustration and replace them instead with a games night with your adults friends and not a child in sight! Some current favourites include Catan, a game of strategy, or the risqué but hilarious Cards Against Humanity.

  1. Craft projects

From colouring-in to ceramics and even making your own hanging plant, there are so many ways to get hands-on that used to be just the domain of children. Spend some time escaping the drudgery of adult responsibilities and make something beautiful – the cleaning can wait!

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