5 on the fly: quick and satisfying tasks

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by Sarah Halfpenny

There’s a simple beauty in completing a task. Here are some quick jobs you can get done in small pockets of time. You’ll feel a sense of achievement whether you complete them while watching your favourite TV show or writing a listing and ticking them off. And as a bonus, doing basic tasks has been shown to allow your brain to reach its peak creative state, so enjoy the mental benefits of it as well!

  1. Steam clean your microwave

Place a bowl filled with water and a cup of vinegar in your microwave and zap it for 60 seconds. The steam will help caked-on stains glide off.

  1. Get shredding!

Shredding old, sensitive documents and junk mail is a very satisfying task and has the bonus of keeping your private information safe!

  1. Clean light switches and power points

Dirt and fingerprints build up on these surfaces over time without us really noticing. Take a slightly damp cloth to them and use a cotton wool bud for the sharper angles to get rid of the grime.

  1. Sort through your bookshelves

Remove books you know you’ll never read again and offer them to friends, or donate them to the op shop or your local street library. Take any random items from the bookshelf that don’t belong there. You’ll love the new streamlined look after a tidy up.

  1. Clean out a handbag

This one is so satisfying and can usually be done in only 5 minutes. Throw out old receipts, remove old makeup, leaking pens, scrappy tissues or loyalty cards you no longer use, and shake out all the mysterious crumbs and dust bunnies that somehow accumulate in the bottom of handbags.

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