5 on the fly: virtual escape rooms and mystery games to challenge you

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by Sarah Halfpenny

 Try your skills with these three different online escape rooms

Perfect for a family games night when you can’t be together in the same place, these online escape rooms can be played by multiple people on multiple devices, anywhere, anytime. The built-in video chat makes it easy to collaborate with each team member as you work together in real time to solve all the riddles and puzzles of either ‘Expedition North Pole’, ‘Underground Murder’ or ‘Detention’.

Sydney Opera House Virtual Escape Rooms

We’re all missing live performances, but while our favourite venues remain empty, you can still indulge in the Arts! Challenge yourself to complete one of the Sydney Opera House’s specially commissioned virtual escape rooms. There are two to choose from – ‘Trials of Wisdom’ or ‘The Disappearing Act’ and they’re both free!

Crack an unsolved mystery!

Think you’re as good as the detectives on TV? When you buy an ‘Unsolved Case File’ (click and collect from Target or other retailers), you’ll receive over 50 evidence documents and photographs to pore over. Solve three objectives to move through the case, then visit the online answer key to confirm your theory is correct or, if not, get hints and keep investigating until you can convict the killer!

Scour the Internet for clues with Isklander

Hugely popular in the US and UK, Isklander is part puzzle game, part online scavenger hunt, and part immersive theatre. It’s a browser-based game for teams of 1-6 players, in three parts which can be played separately (starting at A$35 per person for one game) but are more thrilling when played as a trilogy.

Interact with a live performer in this Australian escape room

‘Isolation’ is an online sci-fi mystery escape room with a twist! Gather 2 to 6 people for your team and communicate over Zoom with a live performer who plays the story’s main character and will listen and react to your instructions and decisions in order to unearth a potentially world-changing discovery. It’s not only heaps of fun but it’s supporting an innovative Australian business at the same time.

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