5 major signs that your roof needs replacement

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Have you ever pulled your car over into the driveway and seen something that made you wonder about your current roof’s health? If yes, odds are changes occurred over time, and you didn’t notice it.

Mostly, roofs naturally reach their end of lifespan without experiencing major storm damage or failure. Your roof may just look worn and old, even with regular preventive maintenance.

So, if you notice either of the following signs, then it is high time you visit to have your roof replaced:

1.     Water Damage

Water damage in your home is an obvious sign that your roof isn’t doing its work any longer. This damage is often the result of poor installation methods, deteriorated flashing, compromised shingles, or ice dams.

Whichever the case, leaks won’t repair on their own. As a homeowner, you need to replace your roof. Otherwise, the leaks may attract pests, such as carpenter ants.

2.     Light Coming through the Attic

Head upstairs to your home’s attic and check whether you see the light coming through. If you see a small amount of light, then you have nothing to worry about – it’s normal.

However, if you see more amount of light entering the attic, then it is time to buy a new room. Through a professional roofer’s help, install the new roof.

3.     Loose Roof Tiles

During annual roof checks, look at whether your roof has loose tiles. Simply stepping on those tiles and assessing their state can help to assess whether to replace or repair them.

If there are a couple of loose tiles, then you need to replace your roofing. Weak roofs with damaged or missing tiles can cave on you, so you better act quickly.

4.     Algae or Moss Growth

Vegetation growth isn’t an apparent sign that you should always replace your roof, but it could be an indication that it requires cleaning. Plant and moss growth invite pests and damage roofing materials.

Naturally, moss grows on roofs. However, it often holds on water, thus weakening your shingles. Similarly, those dark streaks you see on your roofs aren’t dirt. Rather, they are the growth of airborne algae. So, you need to inspect dark or mossy areas for trapped moisture that may leak in the future.

5.     Cracking Shingles

You can notice cracking shingles even if you observe them from the ground. At far, they might not look like an issue but this isn’t always the case.

Cracked shingles are simple to open windows to your walls, ceilings, and attic. They happen during rainstorms and strong winds or from holding excess weight from ice and snow.

Damaged shingles allow water from ice, snow, and rain to enter the deck of your roof. Your roofing contract can fix several damaged shingles. However, if things get out of hand, you will need to replace the entire roof or risk your home’s integrity – something that you don’t want.

If you notice either of these signs, then you need to have a thorough inspection done right away. A professional and experienced roofer will assess your roof’s condition and determine if you need to replace the entire structure.

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