5 on the fly: best eats in Hobart

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by Sarah Halfpenny

Hobart has gained a reputation over recent years as a foodie’s haven. From quirky cafes to delectable fine dining, discover five culinary gems that showcase the city’s burgeoning food scene.

  1. CWA Hobart

Your first stop when you arrive in beautiful Hobart should be to visit the CWA shop in Elizabeth Street (closed Sundays). There, you’d be wise to stock up on their delectable raspberry jam and lemon curd, as well as freshly made slices and cakes to tide you over for the remainder of your stay.

  1. Pigeon Hole Café

Once you have your spreads from the CWA, you’ll want some fresh sourdough to put them on. Head to this popular café where it’s baked in-house every morning. Dine-in to experience their farm-to-table ethos with fresh, locally grown produce from Weston Farm and an evolving seasonal menu, including Tasmanian wine, beer, and cider.

  1. Bar Wa Izakaya

What started out as a small ‘izakaya’ (a casual Japanese bar that serves alcoholic drinks and snacks) back in 2017 has turned into a cool, buzzing Japanese eatery whipping up ramen, seafood and noodle dishes, plus an extensive cocktail and sake list. Open from noon until late, seven days a week, bookings are essential no matter which day you want to visit. Not to be missed are their Happy Hour oysters – fresh, local and half-price between 3pm-6pm daily.

  1. Blue Eye

Hobart is a haven for seafood enthusiasts seeking the finest and most flavoursome ocean delicacies, so there are lots of dining options to choose from, but Blue Eye is the restaurant local fishermen recommend. Located on Hobart’s waterfront, they have a large menu for lunch and dinner of fresh, tasty local fish, seafood and vegetarian options for both dine-in and takeaway.

  1. Bury Me Standing

It’s a strange name for a bagel shop/café, but the food they serve will have you (figuratively) dying with delight. Opening in 2012, it quickly grew and now enjoys cult-like status, with bagels often selling out by noon. A popular choice is the ‘Astrid’s Favourite’ – a toasted dill and onion bagel with jalapeño cashew shmear, sauerkraut and cheese, served with mini pretzels and the crunchiest pickle you’ve ever had the pleasure to eat. Enjoy it with a cup of filter coffee and head out into brisk Hobart weather well-fed.

image: Bury Me Standing

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