5 on the fly: Christmas baking ideas

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by Sarah Halfpenny

Whether you’re whipping up a sweet snack to share with family and friends, or savoury bites to take along to Christmas parties, here are some holiday treats that are easy to make and are sure to be the talk of the table.

  1. Mini cheese and cranberry pastry wreaths

 Crisp and cheesy golden puff pastry wreaths with sweet cranberry sauce are a fantastic addition to your holiday spread, with the added bonus of looking so pretty and festive!

  1. M&M Magic Bars

Super quick and easy to make, this classic slice has been given the Christmas treatment with the addition of candy canes and red and green M&Ms. Fun to eat for young and old!

  1. Salmon mousse cups

A little bit decadent is exactly what the festive season is all about, right? The combination of salmon and cream cheese is a match made in heaven. These sophisticated party favourites will disappear before your very eyes!

  1. Stained glass window biscuits

These edible decorations are easy to make and look stunning, making them a great gift. When the boiled lollies in this recipe melt, they make a gorgeous ‘stained glass window’ effect.

  1. Gin-gle Bell cocktail

It’s ard work thinking about all the food to prepare for Christmas, so grab the gin, prosecco and cranberry juice and mix yourself up one of these special cocktails, then sit back and relax for a while. This drink not only looks great but tastes delicious and is refreshing on a hot summer’s day.

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