5 on the fly: easy last minute Christmas gifts

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by Sarah Halfpenny

Has the end of the year just pounced upon you too? If you’re left feeling a little flustered but still have some gift buying to do, here are some easy ideas to help you through …

  1. Make a crossword puzzle

It’s meaningful, personalised, unique, and doesn’t cost a cent! This gift idea really ticks all the boxes! This website allows you to enter a list of words with clues for each word. Make the questions relate to the person you’re giving it to by including things like their friends, family, pets, holidays, traditions and in-jokes.

  1. Get baking

For a homely gift that invokes feelings of cosiness why not get busy in the kitchen and make something delicious for someone you love. There are so many options like this White Christmas slice for all ages, or the adults-only gin and tonic truffles. Just make sure you give the gift within a day or two of making it so it’s super fresh.

  1. Give an experience

Research has shown that gifting an experience (as opposed to material things) leads to longer-term happiness. There are so many options, from more traditional events like a concert ticket to an axe-throwing session or something more sophisticated like a tea-blending workshop or a pottery class.

  1. Share memories

Think back on all the best times you’ve spent with the recipient of your gift and hand write each memory on a colourful slip of paper then place them in a pretty jar. You can even include some small photos or trinkets that remind you of the great times, like restaurant receipts or ticket stubs. Include some blank slips of paper so they can continue to add to your memory jar.

  1. Donate your time

There are ample ways to make a difference to someone’s life by giving a few hours out of your day. You can help them with a tedious chore around their house they’ve been putting off, mind their pet or house or babysit for free, help them research their family tree, take part in a cooking session to stock their fridge and freezer, take them to their favourite museum or gallery, or make a commitment to spend time with them regularly, like a monthly coffee and cake catchup.




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