5 on the fly: unique Christmas gifts under $50

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by Sarah Halfpenny

This festive season, break away from the ordinary and explore these uncommon, yet thoughtful, Christmas gift ideas – all priced under $50.

  1. ‘Australia’s Best 100 Walks’ book

Discover Australia’s top 100 walks with this spectacular guide from Australian Geographic, drawing on over 33 years of expertise and exploration. It offers detailed descriptions, stunning photography, and practical tips, making it an ideal gift for nature-lovers, hikers, tourists, and travellers. Features 100 walks evenly divided by state with a variety of short walks, half day walks and longer walks.

  1. DIY kombucha brewing kit

For anyone intrigued by health and wellness trends, consider a DIY kombucha brewing kit. This unconventional gift empowers them to create their own probiotic-rich beverages at home. With all the essential ingredients and equipment included, this kit not only introduces a fun and unique hobby but also promotes digestive health. It’s an unexpected and health-conscious present that combines curiosity with well-being.

  1. Magnetic poetry tiles

Transform a fridge into a canvas for creative expression with a magnetic poetry kit. This quirky and fun gift allows users of all ages to play with words and express their thoughts in a light-hearted way.

  1. Online escape room experience

Bring the thrill of an escape room to their living room with a virtual escape room experience. Gift an online adventure where they can solve puzzles and unravel mysteries from the comfort of home. One we’ve tried ourselves and highly recommend is Hallows Hill, suitable for ages 13-80+ and played on either a laptop or desktop computer.

  1. DIY terrarium kit

Encourage their green thumb with a DIY terrarium kit. This unique gift allows people to create their own miniature and easy to maintain ecosystem, adding a touch of nature to their living spaces.

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