5 on the fly: unusual chocolate gifts to give this Easter

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by Sarah Halfpenny

Easter is the perfect time to indulge in all things chocolate, but why settle for a generic egg or bunny when there are so many unusual and delicious options available? From artisanal creations to quirky flavours, there’s a wide variety of unique chocolate gifts to surprise and delight your loved ones this Easter.

  1. Bubble O’Bill egg

The iconic ice cream is now an Easter egg! Made of milk chocolate, it features crunchy caramel and chewy berry pieces. Don’t worry, they haven’t forgotten the best part! ­There’s not just one, but five of the biggest bubblegum noses in the west to enjoy!

  1. Reptile-themed egg

Made by Artisanale Chocolate, a Sydney-based small business, this distinctive cocoa creation is crafted using the finest French chocolate sourced from St Ettiene, France, lightly dusted in red, blue, pink and black lustre to produce an eye-catching treat!

  1. Save the bilby!

The bilby is an endangered native marsupial, and it’s become a popular alternative to a chocolate Easter bunny. In 2023, Darrell Lea have brought back their milk chocolate Bilby, with 20 cents from every purchase helping the national breeding program and supporting the Save The Bilby Fund’s mission to have 10,000 Bilbies in the population by 2030.

  1. Hot chocolate tea

Tea and hot chocolate are two of the most popular beverages, so it makes sense that the folk at T2 combined them! Chocolate tea is made with black tea, cacao nibs, cocoa husks, choccy pieces and a dusting of cacao to deliver a liquid chocolate sensation!

  1. Bertie Beetle

Who doesn’t love a Bertie Beetle! This celebrated Australian chocolate treat has been around since the 1960s, originally created as a way to use up honeycomb left over from the production of Violet Crumble bars. Originally sold at the Royal Melbourne Show, you can now show your love for Bertie Beetle with this fabulous retro pack including socks, enamel mugs, 100 Bertie Beetles, and a special tin to keep them in!

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