6 important questions to ask a potential concrete contractor

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Major renovation projects, such as concrete installation, repair, or replacement, require you to understand the expertise and background of a potential concreter before you hire their services.

Although hiring the first concreter you come across might seem simple, determining who they are and reviewing their previous projects is important to ensure you hire the right candidate for the job.

Like other specialists, hiring the best concreters Sydney is one of the most significant expenses you can invest in. This is why it’s crucial to ask the following questions to ensure you make the right decision:

1.     What Are Your Payment Terms?

Payment will be required once the projects are done. However, there are instances where a concreter might ask for a small deposit before services are offered to secure a project in their schedules.

This is why asking a contractor to show evidence of payment to their ready-mix concrete suppliers is crucial. This request is important since unpaid concrete producers have the right to put a lien on properties until complete payment is done.

2.     When Will Start the Concrete Project?

Before a concrete project begins, it would be best to know a contractor’s availability and create a schedule that works for the two of you. Once you have a clear schedule, put everything that should be done in the project, terms, and timeframe in writing.

3.     Which Services Do You Offer?

Your projects might include simple excavation tasks or require specialized concrete cutting. A professional concreter provides a range of specific and general cutting techniques and services.

They also know which concrete services suit your specific project and provide them efficiently and safely. Other services they can offer may include:

  • Slab wall
  • Chain and handheld sawing
  • Patching
  • Demolition
  • Core drilling

4.     Are the Samples for Previous Projects and Client Reviews?

A professional and experienced concreter will have samples of previous projects to show and reviews from past clients who are ready to attest to an expert’s skills.

A portfolio with previous projects and client reviews is mostly available on a concreter’s website. However, ensure you ask where you can find all those details.

5.     Is There Insurance Proof?

There are many regulations and guidelines governing workplace safety, helping you minimize project delays and promote safe work practices. Because of that, ensure you inquire about a concreter’s proof of insurance and details about their experience and training.

Your concrete must always have two kinds of insurance. These include liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. Liability insurance covers your property from potential damage, while workers’ compensation insurance protects you when a concreter gets injured on your property.

6.     How Long Does the Project Take?

Time is important for projects like concrete installation, repair, or replacement. So, it is crucial to ask a potential concreter when they will complete your project and explain the timeline they often work with. Ensure you get clearer answers so you can plan well.

Whether you want to build an addition to your new patio or home, the concrete project is one of the most hectic projects to check off your to-do list. Fortunately, a highly experienced and qualified concreter can help you handle the project safely and without any delays.

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